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Задания разработаны в соответствии с содержани­ем образовательного стандарта по английскому языку и основаны на материалах современных учебников.

Большинство тестов включают 10-15 заданий, что позволяет легко оценить знания. Количество заданий может быть увеличено или уменьшено преподавателем в зависимости от степени подготовленности класса.

Раздел «Test Your Vocabulary» включает серию тес­тов для проверки лексических навыков. В заключитель­ном разделе «Final Tests» приведены комплексные тес­ты для проверки сформированности грамматических навыков по различным темам. Задания данных разде­лов можно рекомендовать для проведения итогового лексико-грамматического тестирования в 7 классе. Все тесты снабжены ключами, что позволяет использовать их для самоконтроля и самостоятельного изучения анг­лийского языка.

Задания, представленные в данном сборнике, были апробированы в московских школах и с успехом при­меняются на практике. Надеемся, что пособие окажет­ся полезным не только учащимся и учителям, но и всем желающим самостоятельно изучить английский язык.
Test 1
Write the plural of the following nouns.

1. A bus 8. A watch

2. A cat 9. A photo

3. A dog 10. A glass

4. An orange 11. A fox

5. A cup 12. A toy

6. A dress 13. A lady
Test 2
Write the plural of the following nouns.

1. A tomato 8. A child

2. A potato 9. A roof

3. A bat 10. A leaf

4. A key 11. A wife

5. A cherry 12. A man

6. A bath 13. A sandwich

7. A church 14. A butterfly

Test 3
Write the plural of the following nouns.

  1. A girl 8. A raspberry

  2. A deer 9. A teacher

  3. A mouse 10. A half

  4. A wolf 11. A body

  5. A snail 12. A fly

  6. A woman 13. A housewife

  7. A foot 14. A shelf

Test 4
Write the plural of the following nouns.

  1. A school 8. A class

  2. A boy 9. A knife

  3. A bench 10. A shirt

  4. A video 11. A song

  5. An address 12. A sheep

  6. A life 13. A tooth

  7. A country 14. A day

Test 5
Choose the correct word.

  1. His (friends'/friend's) names are Mike and Sam.

  2. Her (sister's/sisters') name is Ann.

  3. Our (son's/sons') name is Ben.

  4. My (sister's/sisters') name is Irene.

  5. Her (brother's/brothers') names are David and Mike.

  6. These are (Jane's/Janes') gloves.

  7. This is the (girl's/girls') dress.

  8. Look at the (floor of the bathroom/bath room's floor).

  9. These are (Bob's/Bobs') pens.

  1. This is my (Father's/Fathers') cars.

  2. (Dave's/Daves') hair is brown.

  3. These are (children's/childrens') toys.

  1. The (group's/groups') name is "The Rock ers."

  2. (Andrew's/Andrews') favourite game is foot ball.

  1. That is my (Mother's/Mothers') apron.

Test 6
Complete the sentences. Use Possessive Case where necessary.

  1. She likes (the hat/Jane).

  2. What is (the name/this city)?

  3. When is (the birthday/his brother)

  4. Do you like (the colour/this dress)?

  5. Write his name at (the top /the page)

  6. What is (the address/David)?

7. What is (the cause/the accident)?

8. (the house/her sister) is near the city centre.

9. (English/Ben) is not very good.

10. For her the afternoon is (the best part/the day).

11. (the job/his father) is very interesting.

12. The bus stopped at (the end/the street).

13. (the favourite colour /Luke) is brown.

14. (the walls / this house) are white.

15. (the beginning/the film) isn't interesting.
Test 7
Complete the sentences. Use Possessive Case where nec­essary.

  1. Look at the (men's/mens') caps.

  2. Her (sister's/sisters) house is small.

  3. This is (Sam's/Sams') ball.

  4. Look at the (house's windows/windows of the house).

  5. These are the (children's/childrens') books.

  6. Look at the (table's legs/legs of the table).

  7. His (teacher's/teachers') name is Mrs Greg.

  8. Her (cousin's/cousins') names are Jane and Betty.

  9. The (women's/womens') dresses are old.

  1. Look at the (baby's/babies) toys.

  2. This is the (food of the cat/cat's food).

  1. The (house's roof/roof of the house) is black.

  2. My (friend's/friends') room is very nice.

  3. Her (Father's/Fathers') name is Mr Smith.

  4. Her (son's/sons') names are Ben and Denis.

Test 8
Translate from Russian into English.

1. Книга моего друга.

2. Книги моих друзей.

  1. Игрушки его брата.

  2. Платье ее сестры.

  3. Сын моего друга.

  4. Пол в ванной.

  5. Комната его сестры.

  6. Вопрос Анны.

  7. Письма Сэма.

  1. Отметки ее сына.

  2. Квартира его родителей.

  3. Сестра моего дедушки.

  4. Крыша дома.

  5. Имя вашего папы.

Test l
Fill in a or an.

1. apple 6. yellow floor

2. banana 7. ice-cream

3. orange 8. camera

4. chair 9. red apple

5. desk 10. white ball
Test 2

Fill in a or an.

1. cake 6.English book

2. idea 7.pencil case

3. exercise-book 8.very good pizza,

4. good idea 9.T-shirt

5. nice party 10.fruit gum
Test 3
Write a or an.
1. great poet

2. famous writer

3. interesting magazine

4. folk song

5. fantasy tale

6. exotic viper

7. cookery book

8. Italian pizza

9. funny bird

10. attractive land

11. traditional dish

12. amazing picture

13. large park

14. horror book

15. art gallery

16. old woman
Test 4
Complete the sentences with a or an.

  1. Can I have sandwich and orange?

  2. I work in hotel for hour in the


  1. This is umbrella and this is bag.

  2. They have radio and CD player.

  3. She's actress and I'm hairdress­er.

  4. There is apple and cup of coffee

on the table.

7. Is there stadium in your area?

8. My father is engineer. He is good engineer.

9. My aunt has got monkey and cow at home.

10. James Cook was explorer.
Test 5
Put in the where necessary.

  1. Why don't you like music?

  2. He doesn't like to drink milk.

  3. It was a good party, but music was terrible.

  1. I think snow is very beautiful.

  2. They couldn't play football yesterday be­cause of rain.

6. She can't understand computers.

7. money is not important to her.

8. She can't study without money she gets from her parents.

9. Have you fed cats this morning?

10. People say that dogs are cleverer than cats.
Test 6
Complete the sentences with a or the where necessary.

1.1 don't like chocolate.

  1. They listen to music in evening.

  2. He goes to work by car.

  3. Maria works in hospital.

  4. I drink cup of coffee for breakfast.

  5. He never drinks coffee.

  6. The children like playing in ______ garden.

  7. My parents live in _____ centre of town.

  8. We get up early on _____Sundays.

  9. She's teacher.

Test 7
Complete the sentences with a, an or the where necessary.

1. Can I have apple, please?

2. We have two dogs and two cats. dogs

are very friendly.

3. She goes to bed early during the week.

4. I have dinner at seven o'clock.

5. We have flat in the centre of town.

6. I like your house and garden is very


7. My father is engineer.

8. I like English films.

9. Please, close window. It's cold.

10. There's church opposite the post office.
Test 8
Put a, an or the in the gaps in these conversations.

1. Jane: What did you do yesterday in the


Peter: I watched (1) interesting film

on TV. Then I read (2) book.

Jane: What was (3) film about?

Peter: It's (4) old film about love.

2. Tom: I've bought (5) bag. I'm going to give it to Jane for her birthday.

Kate: Really? Can I see (6) bag?

3. Mary: How long have you lived here?

David: Ten years.

Mary: Really? Have you got (7) flat or _____ (8) house?

David: I've got both! ________(9) flat is in the centre of town. It's very small.______ (10) house is by the sea.
Test 10
Put in the, a or an where necessary.

1. Can you tell me way to Bolshoi theatre, please?

2. Take _________ second left.

Test 9
Put the in the gaps where necessary.

1. When you come to _______(1) Moscow for the first time, you should visit ______(2) ______Red Square, _____(3) Kremlin, ______(4) Tretyakov Gallery and ______(5) Bolshoi Theatre.

2. _______(6) New York is the largest city of ______(7) USA.

3. _____(8) Hyde Park is a famous park in ______(9) London.

4. ______(10) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in _______(11) UK.

5. ________(12) Thames is the most important river in ______(13) Great Britain.

6. ________(14) Olga speaks ________(15) English very well.
Test 10
Put in the, a or an where necessary.

1. Can you tell me way to Bolshoi theatre, please.

2. Take _________ second left.

3. He is working in _________bookshop now.

4. He is travelling at________ moment.

  1. She has some problems at home.

  2. You have bad cough.

  3. He drinks milk in morning.

  4. Do you often get colds?

  5. It's really bad pain.

10. He wants to become _______ doctor.

11. She has had accident.

  1. He likes to go to cinema.

  2. Are you in hurry?

  3. Write letter to your friend.

  4. Look at map of Great Britain?

Test 11
Put in the, a or an where necessary.

  1. This shop is in opposite direction.

  2. Have you ever been to United Kingdom?

  3. Have you ever been to USA?

  4. Do you enjoy learning languages?

  5. What nice weather!

6. In Britain ____weather is changeable.

7. sun often shines in autumn.

  1. There is sometimes fog in summer.

  2. They have Maths 3 times week.

  1. Sometimes wind speeds reach over 50 kilometers ______hour.

  2. Would you like to come to match on ______ Sunday?

12. National Picture Gallery is in Trafalgar Square

13. I wanted to go to opera when I was in __________ London.

14. It’s _________small town but it has its own history.

15. He is going to study Maths at school.
Test 12
Put in the, a or an where necessary.

1. Is there water?

2. I don’t have _______money with me.
3. I can give you _______bread if you want.
4. subway is a railway that runs under ______ground.

5. Plant pot is _____ thing for putting in.

6. _____most common problem is jet lag.

7. He has got______ temperature.

8. What is ________ music they use to dance?

9. Is it easy to get good clothes in Britain?

10. He's lived in _____number of very exotic countries around _____world.

11. Tango is _____dance in ______Latin America.

12. Let's go to _______Chinese restaurant.

13. We usually have ______English breakfast.

14. Then _____pilot made _______announce­ment.

15. I like to have _____walk on _____beach.

Test 1
Complete the numbers.

1. tw_ 2.o_ _3.si_ 4. n_n_ 5. th_ _ _ 6. f_ _ r 7. z_ _ _8. se_ _ _ 9. ei_ _ _ 10. t_n

Test 2
Write the numbers.

1. xsi 2. hitge 3. tehre 4. nien 5. otw

6. rofu 7. evnse 8. eno 9. vife 10. orze
Test 3
What is the next number? Write it out in words.

  1. 2, 4, 6,_________________

  2. 7, 8, 9,_________________

  3. 2, 5, 8,_________________

  4. 11, 13, 15,_________________

  5. 3, 6, 9,

  6. 4, 8, 12,

  7. 5, 10, 15,

  8. 16, 15, 14,

  9. 13, 15, 17,___________________

10. 20, 18, 16,
Test 4
What is the next number? Write it out in words.

  1. 10, 20, 30,

  2. 20, 40, 60,

3. 30, 60, 90,__________________

4. 50, 70, 80,_____________
5. 100, 200, 300, _____________
6. 90, 80, 70,____________
7. 3, 2, 1,

8.0, 1, 2,

9.70, 80, 90, _____________

10. 10, 30, 50 ________________
Test 5
What is the next number? Write it out in words.

  1. 21, 24, 27

  2. 31, 33, 35,

  3. 47, 48, 49,

  1. 53, 54, 55,

  2. 64, 63, 62,

  3. 77, 76, 75,

  4. 88, 89, 90,

  1. 100, 99, 98,

  2. 25, 50, 75,

10. 15, 30, 45,
Test 6
Do the sums and write the answers in words.

1. 11 + 19 =

2.37- 16 =

  1. 86 - 46 =

  2. 41 + 28 =

  3. 16 + 37 =

  4. 38 + 62 =

  5. 96 - 73 =

  6. 99 - 29 =

  7. 51 + 39 =

  8. 80 - 80 =

Personal Pronouns
Test 1
Complete the sentences. Choose the correct variant (a, b, с or d).

1. This is Laura. 's from New York.

a) I b)She c) You d) He

2. My name is Tom.______ 'm from Scotland,

a) You b)She c) He d) I

3. This is John. 's a teacher.

a) He b)His c) She d) Her

4. I like fantasy tales. are so interesting.

a) I b)She c) They d) Their

5. Hi! I'm Irene and this is Yuri! are from Russia.

a) I b)He c)We d) You

6. I hate porridge. is not tasty at all.

a) She b)He c) I d) It

7. Is Tom from Oxford? No, isn't.

a) she b) he c) his d) it

8."Where are from?" "We are from the USA."

a) you b) your c) we d) they

9. Emily Dickinson is a poet. is an American poet.

a) He b)She c) Her d) It

10. What do you like? like English songs.

a) You b)They c) I d) He
Test 2
Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

1. Where is my bike? I can't see ____________

2. Where's Nora? I've got a toy for _________

3. My best friend is Charles. I like _______ a lot.

4. Give me my dolls. I want _______back.

5. Our teacher is nice. She doesn't give a lot of homework.

6. I can't do this exercise. Can you help ?

7. David, there is some apple juice for_________

8. I've got a sister. Everybody calls "Sweet."

9. Where are Ann and Sam? I've got some sweets for ______

10. Where's my book? I can't find _______

Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

1. He wants to buy a present for (Wendy).

2. I want to buy a comic for (Bob).

3. She eats (vegetables) every day.

4. What can I give (Sandra) to eat?

5. Dan's dog wants (the sausages) too.

6. He can't find (Ann).

7. I want to watch TV with (David and Peter)

8. Can you help ___________(Steve)?

9. She looks at ___________(the boys) and smiles.

10. What is ______________(the word) in English?
Test 4
Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

1. This book is for Helen. Give it to _______.

  1. Steve has a problem with his Maths. Can you help______?

  1. On Ann's birthday her father gave a toy.

  1. Here are two boxes for Sheila. Please give______ to her, but don't open .

  2. Our teacher is very friendly. She is always very nice to_______ .

6. I don't like playing with the ball. Please don't ask______to play with you.

7. He says to Willie: "Bring ______my lunch, please!"

  1. They ask their parents to buy presents.

  2. Sam has got two friends. One day he plays a trick on______.

10. Every day animals ask Fred: "Bring lunch!"
Test 5
Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

1. She is very handsome. I envy .

  1. They are not reliable. He doubts

  2. I taught her. learned it from .

  3. We asked for his advice. advised not to come.

5. He dislikes her, and hates , it's evident.

6. You should be there on time. I want ________ to come on time.

7. She is from England, gave me lessons in English.

8. They are our friends. We invited to the party.

9. He wrote this letter. I recognized _______ by his handwriting.

10. Did you see the snake? - Yes, I saw _____and______saw_____.

11. Where's Tom? - That's ____ over there.

12. Where's my map? I left _____on the desk.

13. Look at that bird. always comes to my window.

14. What time is ? - is four.

15. Who is that? - 's me.

16. Hi, it is so nice to see again.

17. ______doesn't matter.

18. I like when _____is warm.

19.I find _____difficult to explain anything to him.

20. You are not guilty of , are you?

Test 6
Fill in the correct personal pronouns.

  1. Who is that woman? Why are you looking at ?

  1. Do you know that man? I work with

  2. I'm talking to you. Please listen to _________.

  3. These books are interesting. Do you want to look at ?

  1. He likes that camera. He's going to buy ______.

  2. Where are the tickets? I can't find .

  3. We're going out. You can go with .

  4. I don't like dogs. I'm afraid of .

  5. Where is he? I want to talk to .

  1. These plums are bad. Don't eat .

  2. I want those pencils. Please give ________to ______.

12. They want the money. Please give _____to _______.

  1. He wants the key. Please give _______ to _______.

  2. He never drinks milk. He doesn't like ___________.

  3. I often go to the parties. I like _________.

  4. "Where are my glasses?" "______ are on the table."

  1. Where's Dan? I want to talk to .

  2. We're going shopping. Do you want to go with _______?

  3. I want to see him but doesn't want to see ______.

20. I don't know those people. Do you know _________?
Possessive Pronouns
Test 7
Complete the sentences. Choose the correct variant (a, b, с or d).

1. Ann is a doctor. hospital is in London.

a) I b)She c) Her d) His

2. Tom is a pupil. school is in the cen­tre of Swansea,
a) His b)This c) Her d) He

3. You've got English lessons. Do you like______ teacher?

a) her b) his c) your d) you

4. My brother is a singer. job is very interesting.

a) My b)His c)Her d) He

5. I've got two sisters. names are Iris and Emily.

a) They b) Our c) Their d) Her

6. I live in the centre of Moscow. house is very old.

a) Their b) His c) Her d) My

7. My brother is seventeen. name is Oleg.

a) My b) His c) Her d) Our

8. We've got a parrot. parrot's name is Chatterbox.

a) My b) Its c) We d) Our

9. You live in London. Where is house?

a) this b) you c) your d) my

10. My friend is Italian. name's Rosa.

a) Her b)His c) Their d) She

Test 8
Fill in my, his or her.

Stan, the monster, is speaking about (1) mother and father: "(2)_____ mother’s hair is green and (3) _______eyes are big and yellow. (4)_____ears are small, but (5) ________mouth is very big. (6) ______father's hair is red and (7)_______eyes are big and blue. (8) father has got big legs, but (9) arms are very small. (10) _______mother has got small legs and (11) arms are big. I like (12) _______mother and (13)_________father. They are great."
Test 9
Fill in his, her, our or their.

1. (Sarah's) friend Sylvia likes to read very much.

  1. Tom and I love pizza. It's favourite food.

  2. Where is ball? (Rick's)

  3. Give me exercise books, please. (Sue's)

5. friend Ann is in my group. (Joanne's)

6. toys are under the bed. (Peter's and


  1. My friend Dan loves parents.

  2. I don't see doll. (Cathy's)

  3. Take pencil, please. (Vanessa's)

10. In class three girls collect postcards.

(Frank's and Sue's)
Test 10
Read through Sarah's letter. Fill in my, your, his, her or our.

Dear Sally,

Thank you for (1) letter. I'm fine and I hope that you and (2) parents are fine too. In your letter you ask me who helps me with(3)_____homework. I've got a brother, but he never helps me with (4) _____homework. My friend Joan has got a brother too and he always helps her with (5) _____homework, but then she helps him with cleaning (6) ______room. We do a lot of homework because (7) _____maths teacher and (8) ______English teacher are strict. (9) _____parents think it is okay to give a lot of homework. They always say, " (10) _____teachers were strict too, and so we learned a lot..." Well, so what can I do? Joan's parent say that she needs some free time so that she сan play or meet (11) _______friends. Thank you for (12) ____photo. I think you look so sweet. Bye-bye - I hope I'll hear from you soon.
Love Sara
Test 11
Read the dialogues below and fill in hers, yours, mine, theirs, his or ours


(Sally): Here's your shirt, Henry. Sorry, Tom, I couldn't find (1) ___.

(Henry): Thanks, Sally.

(Tom): You couldn't? (2) was the one with the brown stripes.

(Sally): Oh, really? I thought that was Joe's.

(Tom): No, (3) ________has got brown strips too, but they are much wider.


(Kate): That's a nice car. Is it (4) ,Sandra?

(Sandra):No, it's Ann's. Mark and I've got a red one. And (5)________is much older. We haven't got any money to buy a new one.

(Kate): Oh yes, I remember. It's the same model Roger and Peter have.
(Sandra): Yes, it is, but (6) is even old­er than ours.

(c )

(Ann): Here's your test book, Clare. And have you seen Monica?

(Clare): No, I haven't. Why?

(Ann): I've got (7)_______too.

(Clare): I'll take it. OK? Thanks a lot.
Test 12
Read the dialogues below and fill in mine, yours, his, hers, ours or theirs.


Kevin: What's your name?
Angela:Angela. What's (1) ?

Kevin: Kevin. That's a great bike! Is it (2) ___________.

Angela: No, it's not (3) , it’s my brother's.

Kevin: Why are you using (4)_________, why aren't you using (5) ?

Angela: Because it's broken.


Citl and Pam: We've lost our schoolbags. Have you seen them?

Tom: No, I haven't, but that's funny because Tina and Neil have lost (6)_______too! Let's tell Miss Smith.

Citl: Miss Smith, I can't find my schoolbag, and Pam can't find (7) _________.

Tina and Nell: And we've lost (8)_ too!

Miss Smith: That's strange. We should tell the headmistress.
Test 13
Fill in the correct possessive pronouns.

  1. This book belongs to me. This is book.

  2. The man put hand into pocket.

3. The cat ate food.

4. She took out purse and gave it to me.

5. My husband never wears glasses.

6. This is their car. That other car is too.

  1. May I introduce to you one of col­leagues?

  2. There were a lot of people coming back from work.

9. Every season is beautiful in own way.

10. They would like a house of own.

11. I'll try best, I promise.

12. Each country has own customs.

13. He cut finger this evening.

14. Lend me pen, I've lost ______.

  1. They're going to London with some students of ______________

  2. This is not my pencil, is red.

  3. I haven't got a pen. Can you give me ?

  4. Take off coat, please.

  5. I saw them. This is car.

  6. Ann is married. husband works in a bank.

Test 14
Fill in the correct possessive pronouns.

1. They have two children but I don't remem­ber _____names.

2. I often see that man but I don't know name.

  1. Pete is a teacher but sister is a nurse,

  2. Do you like job?

  3. Do you think that most people are happy in jobs?

  4. Put on hat when you go out.

  5. We are going to invite all friends to the party.

8. favourite sport is tennis. She plays a lot in summer.

9. He didn't have an umbrella, so she gave him __________.

  1. He was very happy because we invited him to stay with us in ______house.

  2. You'll give me your address and I'll give you .

  1. I gave him my address and he gave me .

  2. I saw Liz and Philip with son, Bill.

  3. He invited Ann with parents.

  4. We live with parents.

16. Oxford is famous for university.

17. I can't find ticket.

18. The County of Kent is famous for gardens.
19. My sister plays tennis too but ________ favourite sport is basketball.
20. Mr and Mrs Browns live in Paris but ______ son Bill lives in London.
Demonstrative Pronouns
Test 15
Fill in this, that, these or those.

1. I put ___________ book here.

2. is our teacher's car over there.

3. Look here. In newspaper there is a picture of my favourite sportsman.

4 The exercises on page here are not very difficult.

5. Please bring me T-shirts over there.

6. man over there is Ann's dad.

7. is a picture of my friend Ronnie here.

8. Let's play with balls here.

9. are buses over there.

10. The animals in cages here are wild.
Test 16
Fill in the correct demonstrative pronoun.

  1. W hich flowers do you want? or ?

  2. Excuse me, is your bag?

3. They talked about ______and __________.

4. Which shoes do you like most? ______or_______?

5. 's why they accepted his proposal.

6. is Ann speaking.

7. After they decided not to come.

8. will do.

9. I'll take books.

  1. He's been waiting three weeks.

  2. She went to doctor and , no result.

12. day was the worst of his life.

13. I'm tired out. 's why I'm going home early.

  1. George likes Mary, but she doesn't like him. 's what annoys him.

  2. The engine starts and the light goes on. 's when you press the button.

  3. "They're getting engaged in April." " 's marvellous."

17. was the biggest mistake in his life.

18. "We're moving to London." " 's fan­tastic!"

19. is what I think.

20. will help her to come in time.
Test 17
Fill in the correct demonstrative pronouns.

1. I never forget my holiday in London.

was the holiday of a lifetime.

  1. What are you doing Sunday?

  2. Didn't you just love striped trousers in the shop we just passed?

4. Minni! is the best cake I've ever tast­ed!

5. Do you see boy over there? He's my cousin.

6. Hello, is Mr Cook. Can I speak to Mr Brown, please?

7. I can't go out in coat. It's too hot.

8. " I've been accepted by my first choice of university." "Congratulations. ______is fantastic!"

9. were the days when we used to dance every night.

  1. Don't you think new electronic dia­ries that we saw in the shop are really clev­er?

  2. " ______belonged to my grandmother," said David as he slipped the ring onto Jane's fin­ger.

12. Don't you think jeans suit me?

13. biscuits are delicious. Did you make them yourself?

14. records you threw out were my orig­inal hits from the seventies!

  1. Aren't girls over there your stu­dents?

  2. " _____bike needs repairing." " is what I was trying to tell you."

17. What do you think of ____dress Ann was wearing last night?

18. I don't go anywhere week.

19. What's you're reading?

20. ______boy over there is my son.
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