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EMEMU URSE some people

EMEMUNGGE some (as substantive)

EMETE plural of eme

EMGEI see emgeri

EMGERI I. once 2. already

EMGI together

EMGI SIMNERE HAFAN assistant to the examination proctor

EMGILEMBI to act together, to act mutually

EMHE wife's mother--mother-in-law (in some early texts it may also refer to a husband's mother)

ENHULEMBI to take for oneself, to take for one's own use

EEHUN alone, sole, lonely

EMILE the female of birds

EMILEBUMBI caus. of emilembi

EMILEMBI to cover, to screen off, to block out

EMKE one (as substantive)

EMKE EMKEN I one by one, little by little

EMKECI once, point by point, in detail

EMKEN see emke

EMPI the name of a number of low herbs of the Artemisia or Chenopodium families; cf. eremu

EMPIREMBI to talk nonsense, to talk foolishly

EMTE one each

EMTELEMBI to receive one each

EMTELI alone, sole, single

EMTENGGERI once each

EMTUN see amtun

EMTUNGGE JODON plain hemp cloth, sackcloth

EMU one

EMU ADALI the same

EMU AKŪ not the same

EMU ANAN one after another, in turn

EMU BADE OBUME SINDAMBI to stake all on a single bet

EMU BIHA a small bit, a small segment

EMU BUKDAN one sheet of folded paper

EMU BURGIN one spell of confusion

EMU CIMARI the amount of land that can be plowed in a single day-approximately six mu

EMU DE OCI in the first instance

EMU DEREI at the same time that . . . , while . . . , on the one hand

EMU DEREI . . . EMU DEREI . . . on the one hand . . . on the other hand . . .

EMU ERGEN I in one breath, in one swallow, in one burst of effort

EMU ERGUWEN one period of twelve years

EMU ERIN one (meal) time

EMU ERINDE for a moment

EMU FALAN a little while, a while

EMU FEHUN one pace (five Chinese feet)

EMU FIYEN one set of feathers on an arrow

EMU FUTA I. one sheng (I8O Chinese feet) 2. one string of cash

EMU FUTA JIHA one string of cash

EMU GALA one hand's length

EMU GIRIN I BA one district, one region

EMU GUNIN I intently, wholeheartedly, with singleness of mind

EMU HAHA one man's measure (thirty mu)

EMU HUNGKEN JIHA 5662 strings of cash and 369 pieces

EMU HŪFAN a joint business venture, partnership

EMU I GINGGULERE ORDO a pavilion housing inscribed stone tablets

EMU I HAFURE consistently

EMU ICI consistent, hitherto, up to now

EMU IKIRI in succession, in a row

EMU INDEME one stage of a journey

EMU JEMIN I OKTO one dose of medicine

EMU JUKTE one large slice (of meat)

EMU JULEHEN I with one's whole attention, with singleness of purpose, directly

EMU JUWE GIYAN one or two items

EMU KIYA one cell of a honeycomb

EMU MARI once, one time

EMU OCI at first, in the first place

EMU OKSON one pace

EMU SEFERE SALIYAN one handful exactly

EMU SIRAN I in a row, successively

EMU SUIHEN I BANJIMBI to live keeping one's mind on what is truly important

EMU ЉURU SALIYAN I CIKTEN a stick or rod exactly one span long

EMU TALGAN one surface, one flat object

EMU TEMUHEN one round or cylindrical object, a spool

EMU UDU several, a series of, successively

EMU UFUHI SULABUMBI to leave an extra portion of cloth in a seam to be used for letting out garments when they become outgrown

EMU UHŪN one parcel, one bundle

EMU YABUN EMU AЉЉAN every action and motion

EMU YOHI one complete set (of a book)

EMUCI first

EMUDE in the first place

EMURSU having one layer, simple, unlined

EMURSU ETUKŪ an unlined garment

EMUSE one year old

EN yes--interjection used to answer affirmatively

EN EN SEME saying yes, yes . . .

EN JE SEME same as en en seme

EN JEN ready, finished, complete

EN JEN I BELHEMBI to make ready

ENCEBUMBI caus. of encembi

ENCEHEDEMBI to be capable, to be talented

ENCEHEN capable, adept, talented

ENCEHEN AKŪ inadept, not talented

ENCEHENGGE a capable person, an adept one

ENCEHEЉEMBI to be capable, to be talented

ENCEHUN see encehen

ENCEMBI to apportion food and drink to guests at a meal

ENCINA suddenly, all at once

ENCU different, other, strange

ENCU DEMUN heterodoxy

ENCU FACU doting (on a child)

ENCU FALGA country estate

ENCU HACIN I extraordinarily

ENCU INENGGI another day

ENCU TEMBI to live separately

ENCUHEN livelihood, property

ENCULEBUMBI caus. of enculembi

ENCULEMBI to be different, to do differently, to go one's separate way

ENCULEME separately, in addition

ENCUMBI see encembi

ENCUNGGE that which is different

ENDEBUKŪ error, mistake

ENDEBUKU BE MISHALARA TINGGIN the name of a section of the Imperial Academy

ENDEBUKŪ UFARACUN errors and mistakes

ENDEBUMBI I. caus. of endembi 2. to go astray, to err, to lose one's grip, to do by accident 3. to choke by getting food caught in the windpipe

ENDEBUFI alAMBI to kill by accident

ENDEMBI I. to err, to be mistaken about 2. euphemism for 'to die'

ENDEREO am I not right?

ENDERI SENDERI uneven, battered, in bad shape

ENDESLAMBI to make a small error

ENDUHEN one name for the crane; cf. bulehen

ENDURI spirit, god, deity

ENDURI CECIKENGGE LOHO a sword with the image of a divine bird on its blade

ENDURI GIRDAN a banner hung before holy images

ENDURI HUTU spirits and ghosts

ENDURI NAMUN a storehouse for religious vessels and paraphernalia

ENDURI NIKEBUN painted icon of a god or a plaque with a god's name written on it

ENDURI NIYALMA an immortal, a Taoist deity

ENDURI URGUNJEBURE KUMUN a piece of music played at minor sacrifices

ENDURI WECEKU spirits and gods

ENDURIN a Taoist immortal

ENDURINGGE divine, holy, sacred

ENDURINGGE EJEN the divine lord-the emperor

ENDURINGGE ERDEMU AMBULA SELGIYERE MUDAN a musical piece played at banquets given in honor of meri-

torious generals and officials

ENDURINGGE NIYALMA a holy man, a sage, a saint

ENEN descendants, progeny


ENENGGI CIMARI this morning

ENESE plural of even

ENESHUKEN somewhat sloping

ENESHUN gently sloping

ENESHUN TAFUKŪ steps in front of the platform in a temple

ENETKEK India, the valley of the Ganges, Indian, Sanskrit

ENETKEK HERGENGGE LOHO a sword with Љanskrit written on the blade

ENG I. interjection of pain 2. interjection of disapproval

ENG SEME drawling (an answer), groaning

ENGGE a bird's beak

ENGGE FULGIYAN ITU Chinese Chukar partridge (Alectoris graeca)

ENGGECI see enggici

ENGGELCEMBI to act in an excessive way

ENGGELE SENGGELE AKŪ unaffectionate, indifferent (to relatives or friends)

ENGGELEBUMBI caus. of enggelembi

ENGGELEKŪ a ledge or projection on a cliff

ENGGELEMBI I. to jut out, to project 2. to rise (of prices) 3. to lean forward (to look) 4. to border on, to overlook, to command a view of

ENGGELEME TUWAMBI to lean out to look

ENGGELENEMBI to go to watch, to approach, to pay a visit (honorific), to go (honorific)

ENGGELENJIMBI to come near, to come to pay a visit (honorific), to come (honorific)

ENGGELENJIRE BE YARURE GIRDAN a banner used by the imperial escort

ENGGELESHUN projecting outward

ENGGELJEMBI see enggelcembi

ENGGEMU saddle


ENGGEMU GAIMBI to unsaddle

ENGGEMU HŪWAITAMBI to put on a saddle

ENGGERHEN a towering projection

ENGGETE MOO an alder

ENGGETU CECIKE brown bush warbler (Phylloscopus fuscatus)

ENGGICI secret, secretly, privately

ENGGŪLE a type of onion that grows in sandy soil (Allium victorialis)

ENGKI CONGKI just enough

ENIHEN bitch

ENIHUN loosely wound (of fibers)

ENIRHEN wisteria

ENIYE mother

ENIYEHEN see enihen

ENIYEHUN see enihun

ENIYEINGGE pertaining to motherhood, maternal

ENIYEN female moose (Aloes aloes)


ENIYENIYE hibernating (of snakes)

ENJI vegetable dishes, vegetarian

ENJI BELHERE BA kitchen for the preparation of vegetarian dishes for the emperor

ENTEHEME eternally, always

ENTEHEME ASARARA CALU a granary located in Heilungkiang

ENTEHEME ELGIYEN CALU a granary in Ilan Hala

ENTEHEME ELGIYENGGE CALU a granary in Shantung

ENTEHEME ELHE CALU a granary in Kwangtung

ENTEHEME GINGGUN CALU granaries in the provinces

ENTEHEME IKTAMBURE CALU a granary in Heilungkiang

ENTEHEME JALUNGGA NAMUN a silver depository in Kiangsu

ENTEHEME JULGE high antiquity


ENTEHEME TUSA ARARA NAMUN the treasury of Tungling

ENTEHEME TUSANGGA CALU emergency granaries

ENTEHEN regular, fixed, long-term

ENTEHEN HETHE fixed property, real property


ENTEKE this sort of

ENTEKENGGE one like this

EO lotus root

ERDE early, early in the morning

ERDE BAICARA DANGSE yamen employee's attendance record

ERDE BUDA breakfast

ERDEDARI every morning

ERDEKEN rather early, nice and early

ERDELEMBI to be early, to do early

ERDEMU capability, virtue, power

ERDEMU BE NEILEKŪ an official one step lower in rank than tuwancihiyakū in the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction

ERDEMU ETEHE POO the name of a large cannon

ERDEMU GASHA a name for the chicken

ERDEMU MUTEN talent, capability

ERDEMUNGGE virtuous, talented, moral

ERE this

ERE AI DEMUN what is this all about?

ERE ANIYA this year

ERE BIYA this month

ERE CIMARI this morning

ERE DURUN I in this fashion

ERE FONI this time

ERE MINI NIMEKŪ this is my weakness

ERE NIYALMA DE DOTORI BI this man has hidden talents

ERE NIYALMA FISIKAN this man just gets by

ERE UCURI of late, recently

ERE UJU BE TONGKI cut off this head!--an expression of abuse

EREBE AINAMBI how should (we) handle this?

ERECI AMASI after this, hereafter

EREI JALIN because of this

EREBUMBI caus. of erembi

ERECUKE hopeful

ERECUN hope, expectation

ERECUN AKŪ hopeless

EREHUNJEBUMBI caus. of erehunjembi

EREHUNJEMBI to hope constantly, to hope earnestly

EREINGGE this person's

EREMBI I. to hope 2. to peel birchbark off a tree

EREMU yellow artemisia (Artemisia annua)

ERENI by this, through this, from this, therefore

ERETELE up till now, up to this point

ERGECE NIYEHE the mandarin duck; cf.ijifun niyehe

ERGECUN at leisure, free, leisure

ERGELEBUMBI caus./pass. of ergelembi

ERGELEMBI I. to force, to coerce torment 3. to carry (one's arm) in a sling

ERGELEN force, coercion

ERGELETEI by force, obligatory

ERGEMBI (-he/ke) to rest, to pause

ERGERAKU indefatigable

ERGEMBUMBI caus. of ergembi

ERGEN I. breath, life 2. penis

ERGEN BEYE body and life

ERGEN DEN breathing is difficult

ERGEN GAIMBI to breathe

ERGEN HETUMBI to manage to get by

ERGEN HETUMBUMBI to make one's livelihood

ERGEN I SEN the opening of the urethra


ERGEN JOCIMBI to be murdered, to perish

ERGEN SUMBI breathing stops

ERGEN ЉELEMBI to stake one's life, to be desperate

ERGEN TAMBI life hangs on a thread

ERGEN TEMЉEMBI to struggle to live (of an ill person), to gasp for breath

ERGEN YADAMBI to stop breathing, to die


ERGENDERAKŪ never rests, without rest

ERGENDUMBI/ERGENUMBI to rest (of a group)

ERGENGGE living, living creature

ERGENGGE JAKA living creature

ERGEЉEMBI to breathe hard from fatigue or overeating, to pant

ERGI 1. direction, side 2. this side

ERGINGGE pertaining to direction

ERGULE self-willed

ERGULE OHO departed from the pattern

ERGUME court dress

ERGUWE see erhuwe

ERGUWEJITU compasses

ERGUWEMBI to go around, to circle around


ERGUWEN I. perimeter, circumference 2. a period of twelve years, a cycle

ERGUWEN ANIYA the cyclical year of one's birth

ERGUWEN DE TORHOMBI to go around in a circle

ERHE I. a green frog 2. see erihe

ERHEMBI see ergembi

ERHUWE a piece of red felt used to cover the hole on the top of a yurt

ERI isn't it like this? isn't it here?

ERIBUMBI caus. of erimbi

ERIDARI see erindari

ERIHE a Buddhist rosary (with 108 beads)

ERIHE BE TOLOMBI to recite the rosary

ERIKU broom

ERIKŪ ЉUЉU broom straw


ERILEMBI to act at the right time, to keep the proper time, to do often

ERILEME at the right time, on time, from time to time


ERILERE NIONGNIYAHA one name for the wild goose; cf. bigan i nionaniyaha

ERIMBI to sweep

ERIMBU a gem, precious stone

ERIMBU ILHA a bright red exotic flower

ERIMBU WEHE a precious stone, gem, jewel

ERIN I. time, season 2. one of the two-hour divisions of the day

ERIN AKŪ often

ERIN BE AMCAME punctually


ERIN FORGON propitious time, the right moment

ERIN FORGON I TON I BITHE a calendar book

ERIN FORGON I TON I BITHE DE AFAHA HAFAN Compiler in the Calendar Section, BH 229

ERIN FORGON I TON I BITHE KUNGGERI a section of the Board of Rites concerned with calendrical matters

ERIN FORGON I TON I BITHE WEILERE TINGGIN a bureau concerned with the compilation of the calendar in the Imperial Board of Astronomy

ERIN FORGON I TON I HONTOHO Calendar Section in the Imperial Board of Astronomy, BH 229

ERIN HŪDA current price

ERIN I KEMNEKU a small sundial

ERIN I KEMUN clock, watch

ERIN JAFAFI on time, punctually


ERIN SONJORO TACIKŪ a school at which astronomy was taught

ERIN TUTAMBI to exceed a deadline

ERIN TUWARA HAFAN Assistant Keeper of the Clepsydra, BH 231

ERIN TUWARA HONTOHO Section of the Clepsydra, BH 31

ERINDARI every time, on every occasion

ERINGGE pertaining to time

ERINGGE GASHA one name for the chicken

ERINGGE NIONGNIYAHA one name for the wild goose; cf. bigan i niongniyaha

ERITUN soapberry

ERKE powerful, strong, bold

ERKEN TERKEN this way and that, in various ways, faltering, stalling

ERKI I. willful, self-willed, despotic 2. leaning on a parent in order to walk (of a child)

ERKILEMBI to use force, to act despotically

ERKŪ see eriku

ERPE a growth on the lip

ERPENEMBI to form a growth on the lip

ERSE plural of ere; cf. ese

ERSELEN a lion

ERSULEN a type of willow whose branches were used to make cages

ERSUN ugly, repulsive

ERЉE MAMA midwife

ERЉEBUMBI caus. of erљembi

ERЉEKU an attendant in a local official office

ERЉEMBI I. to serve, to wait on, to attend 2. to take care of (children) 3. to get smallpox

ERTELE up till now

ERTUMBI to depend on, to rely on

ERTUN dependence, reliance

ERU fearless, intrepid, brave

ERUKEN rather fearless, rather intrepid

ERULEBUMBI caus. of erulembi

ERULEMBI to torture, to punish

ERUMBI see erulembi

ERUN torture, punishment

ERUN BE GETUKELERE TACIHIYAN DE AISILARA TEMGETUN an inscribed banner of the imperial escort

ERUN BE GINGGULERE FIYENTEN Judicial Department (of the Imperial Household), BH 8I

ERUN KORO torture and punishment, penalty

ERUN NIKEBUMBI to apply torture, to inflict punishment

ERUN SUI torture and crime!--a term of abuse

ERUWEDEBUMBI caus. of eruwedembi

ERUWEDEMBI to drill (a hole), to make a hole with an auger

ERUWEN drill, auger

EЉE plural of ere--these people, these

ESEINGGE these people's

ESHEN father's younger brother--uncle

ESHETE plural of eshen

EЉHUKEN somewhat raw

ESHUN 1. raw 2. untried, untamed, unfamiliar, strange

ESHUN CECERI raw silk of one color

ESHUN GIOWANSE same as eshun ceceri

ESHUN LINGSE fine-figured raw silk

EЉHUN SELE raw iron, pig iron

ESHUN SUBERI white raw silk

ESHUREBUMBI caus. of eshurembi

ESHUREMBI to become wilted, to become bad

ESHURUMBI see eshurembi

ESI certainly, of course (usually followed by the conditional converb)

ESI SECI OJORAKŪ involuntarily

ESIHE scale (of a fish)

ESIHENGGE scaled, having scales

ESIKE interjection--I'm full, I've had enough to eat

ESUKIYEBUMBI caus. of esukiyembi

ESUKIYEMBI to scream, to screech, to shout, to rail at, to reprove, to bawl out

ESUNGGIYEMBI to shout, to yell (angrily)

EЉE husband's younger brother--brother-in-law

EЉEBUMBI caus. of eљembi

EЉEMBI I. to scale (a fish) 2. to be slanting or oblique


a device for recording the pronunciation of Chinese characters by using two other characters

EЉEMELIYAN somewhat slanting

EЉEN slanting, oblique

EЉEN I BOO a side hall in the palace

EЉENGGE slanting, oblique, diagonal

EЉENGGE FU a diagonal wall

EЉENGGE MOO diagonal planking outboard of a ship

EЉENGGE MUDAN oblique tones

EЉENJU BOO an obliquely built house

EЉENJU JUGŪN a diagonal road

EЉERGE MOO a tree that grows in the mountains and has deep graining

EЉETE plural of eљe

ETEHEN victory

ETEMBI I. to overcome, to win, to be victorious 2. to be hard on one end (a bow)

ETEME HALAMBI to surmount, to make a change for the better

ETERE BE TOKTOBURE POO the name of a large bronze cannon

ETEN force, resistance

ETENGGI hardy, strong, powerful

ETENGGILEBUMBI caus. of etenggilembi

ETENGGILEMBI to use force, to resort to force

ETERI ILHA the name of a dark red exotic flower

ETUBUMBI caus. of etumbi

ETUHUKEN rather strong, rather powerful

ETUHUN I. strong, powerful, vigorous 2. bridegroom

ETUHUN DAHABUMBI to accompany the bride to the house of the bridegroom

ETUHUЉEBUMBI caus. of etuhuљembi

ETUHUЉEMBI to use force

ETUKŪ clothing, garment

ETUKŪ ADU clothing


ETUKŪ HALAMBI euphemism for 'to menstruate'


ETUKULERE BULEKŪ a dressing mirror

ETUKUNGGE pertaining to clothing

ETUMBI to put on (clothing), to wear

EU JEU Europe

EYE I. pit for storing grain, vegetables, etc. 2. pitfall 3. dungeon

EYEBUKŪ see mukei eyebuku

EYEBUKŪ ASU a fish net used to catch fish swimming close to the surface

EYEBUMBI caus. of eyembi

EYEMBI 1. to flow 2. to sink (of a steelyard)

EYEFI SEKIYEFI laggard, dallying, lazy

EYEHE SOHIN a moving ice floe

EYERE USIHA meteor, falling star

EYEMELIYAN a bit sinking (of a steelyard)

EYEMPE see eimpe

EYEN flow, current

EYEN SEYEN AKŪ indifferent, unaffected

EYENEMBI to flow in that direction

EYER HAYAR sauntering pleasantly (strolling)

EYERI HAYARI see eyer hayar

EYERJEMBI to have a fresh appearance, to look nice and fresh

EYERЉEBUMBI caus./pass. of eyerembi

EYERЉECUKE despicable, hateful, disgusting

EYERЉEMBI I. to feel sick at the stomach 2. to be disgusted

EYUN I. elder sister 2. elder (of girls)

EYUNGGE elder (of girls)

EYUTE plural of eyun

FAHARA GIDA a throwing spear

FAHANAMBI to ripen (of grains and fruits)

FAHARAMBI to remove the seeds from hazel and pine nuts

FAHATAMBI to stamp (the foot)

FAHI inner thigh, perineum

FAHŪN I. liver 2. courage 3. wheel rim

FAHŪN AKŪ without courage

FAHŪN AMBA brave, daring

FAHŪN I ALHŪWA membrane that grows on the liver of animals

FAHŪN SILHI close friend

FAIDABUMBI caus. of faitambi

FAIDAMBI to line up, to arrange in order

FAIDAN 1. row, rank, formation 2. escort 3. procession

FAIDAN BE DASARA HAFAN Assistant Section Chief (of the Equipage Department), BH I23, 125

FAIDAN BE JORIRE HAFAN Assistant Marshal, BH I23

FAIDAN BE KADALARA HAFAN various officials of the Equipage Department; cf. BH 1I5, I23

FAIDAN BE TUWANCIHIYARA HAFAN Controller of the Sixth Class, BH I25

FAIDAN BE TUWARA HAFAN Commissioner of theImperial Equipage Department, BH III

FAIDAN I DA Commandant of a Prince's Palace, BH 43

FAIDAN I DABCIKŪ I FIYENTEN Sword Section (of the Imperial Equipage Department), BH I22

FAIDAN I ETUKU clothing worn by the imperial escort

FAIDAN I HAFAN Assistant Major-domo of a Prince's Palace, BH 46

FAIDAN I JANGGIN general term for officials in the Imperial Equipage Department

FAIDAN I KIYOO a sedan chair carried by eight porters that was used by the empress in processions

FAIDAN I NIYALMA porters and insignia bearers of the imperial escort

FAIDAN I SEJEN a carriage used by the empress

FAIDAN I TUNGKEN a large drum used by the imperial escort

FAIDAN I YAMUN Imperial Equipage Department, BH I09

FAIDANDUMBI/FAIDANUMBI to line up (of a group)

FAIDANGGA ordered, ranked

FAIDANGGA DENGJAN a pair of lamps placed on the altar at state sacrifices

FAIDASI Usher (in the Board of Rites), BH 382B

FAIDASI MAHATUN a hat worn by officials in ancient times

FAIFAN clapping

FAIFUHALAMBI to dye blue with indigo

FAIHACAMBI to worry, to be upset, to fret

FAIJIMA see faijuma

FAIJUMA 1. malformed 2. odd, suspicious, fishy 3. worse (of an illness)

FAISHA palisade

FAISHALABUMBI caus. of faishalambi

FAISHALAMBI to build a palisade

FAITABUMBI caus. of faitambi

FAITABURU may you be cut to pieces!-an expletive

FAITAKŪ a small saw (used to cut bones)

FAITAMBI I. to cut, to slice 2. to cut off, to shorten 3. to cut out clothing

FAITAN I. eyebrow 2. a cut

FAITAN FEHEREMBI to knit the brow

FAITANUMBI to cut together

FAITARABUMBI caus. of faitarambi

FAITARAMBI to cut into pieces, to mince

FAITARAME WAMBI to kill by cutting to pieces--an extreme form of capital punishment

FAITARAME WAKA WEILE a crime punishable by delimbing and execution

FAJAMBI I. to defecate (of birds and animals) 2. to fade (of stars)

FAJAN feces (of animals and birds), dung

FAJAN FUHEЉEMBI to roll dung into balls

FAJAN ONGGOMBI to become constipated (of animals)

FAJIRAN wall, an outside wall surrounding a building

FAJŪ a fork, forking


FAJUHŪRAMBI to perform anal coitus

FAJUKŪ see fajuhū

FAK FIK (onom.) the sound of fruit falling

FAK SEME I. sturdily, vigorously 2.with a plump, with a thud

FAK SEME BANJIMBI to grow up to be sturdy

FAK SEME FARAKA fell into a faint

FAK SEME TEHE sat down with a plump

FAK SEME TUHEKE fell with a thud

FAKA a wooden pole with a fork at one end

FAKACA short in stature

FAKADAMBI to hit a ball with a stick (a type of game)

FAKARI short-legged

FAKAЉAMBI see fakadambi

FAKCABUMBI caus. of fakcambi

FAKCAMBI 1. to come apart, to divide (v.i.), to split, to separate 2. to part, to leave

FAKCAN splitting, separation

FAKCANGGA distinct, separated

FAKCASHŪN estranged, alienated

FAKDANGGA CECIKE one name for the myna; cf. kūbulin ilenggu cecike, guwendehen

FAKIRI GASHA one name for the chicken

FAKJILAMBI to hold onto, to cling to, to support oneself on

FAKJILAME MARAMBI to refuse stubbornly

FAKJIN I. support, purchase 2. spur on a male fowl

FAKJIN AKŪ without support, helpless

FAKJIN BAHARAKŪ without getting a hold

FAKJIN NIKEKŪ dependence, support and reliance

FAKЉA I. straight into, deep into 2. violently (angry), wholeheartedly, greatly

FAKSABUN see joringga i fakcabun

FAKSALABŪMBI I. caus. of faksalambi 2. to separate, to remove

FAKSALAMBI to separate, to part

FAKSALAN separation, division

FAKSI I. craftsman, workman 2. skilled 3. clever, shrewd

FAKSI BOЉORO DA Overseer, Inspector of Works, Clerk of Works, Overseer of Works, BH 77, 82, 96, 460A

FAKSI CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. darha cecike

FAKSI DA chief artisan

FAKSI JURGAN Imperial Armory, BH 89

FAKSIDAMBI to act shrewdly, to act cleverly, to argue cleverly

FAKSIKAN rather clever, shrewd, or skilled

FAKSIKAN I FORGOЉOME FIYELEMBI to do a skillful turn at trick riding

FAKSIKAN I GAMAMBI to handle cleverly

FAKSINGGA endowed with skill, skillful

FAKSIЉA plural of faksi

FAKSISAI KUNGGERI a section of the Board of Works concerned with artisans

FAKŪ a stone dam in a river--used for catching fish

FAKŪRI pants, trousers

FAKŪRI FERGE the seam in the seat of trousers

FALABUMBI I. to exile, to banish, to expel 2. see gūnin falabumbi

FALABURE WEILE crime punished by exile

FALABUN exile, banishment

FALAN I. floor 2. threshing floor 3. quarter of a town 4. sacrificial site S. a while, a short period

FALAN SOMBI to offer bread on the threshing floor after the autumn harvest

FALANGGA pertaining to the floor or earth

FALANGGA DENGJAN a lantern hung on a pole that is stuck in the earth

FALANGGA NAHAN an earthen floor with a passage under it through which hot air from an outside fire passes--a type of central heating

FALANGGŪ the palm of the hand

FALANGGŪ DUMBI to clap the hands


FALANGGŪ FORIMBI to clap the hands

FALANGGŪ USIHA a sweet fruit in the shape of a man's palm that comes from Yunnan

FALASU enamel, enamelware

FALGA I. clan, tribe 2. all the people living on one street, quarter of a town 3. office, bureau 4. group, clump, grove S. measure word for buildings 6. gust (of wind)

FALGA FALGA in clumps, in groves, in gusts

FALGANGGA I. office, subsection 2.Second Class Transport Station (on the Grand Canal) , BH 834

FALGARI bureau, office

FALGARI I AISILAKŪ Director of an Office, BH 389, 39I

FALGARI I ICIHIYAKŪ Assistant Director of an Office

FALHA see falga

FALI I. measure word for solid objects, a lump 2. a unit of money

FALIBUMBI caus. of falimbi

FALIMBI I. to tie, to bind 2. to conclude (a treaty or agreement)

FALIN tying, binding

FALINDUMBI to be bound to one another

FALINGGA having connection, connected, bound

FALINTAMBI to trip, to stumble

FALINTU MONIO one name for the monkey

FALISHŪN intermittent

FALMAHŪN the name of a constellation

FALŪ Manchurian bream (Megalobrama terminalis)

FAMAMBI to lose one's way, to get lost

FAMBI I. to dry up, to become very thirsty 2. to become tired

FAMBUMBI see famambi

FAMHA spindle, a stick or board for winding thread or yarn

FAN I. pan, dish, tray 2. barbarian, foreign

FAN DASAFI TUKIYEMBI to put assorted delicacies on a tray and offer them to guests

FAN FERE a small gulch or canyon, the course of a creek or a spring

FANCABUMBI caus./pass. of fancambi

FANCACUKA vexing, annoying, stifling, causing despair


FANCAMBI I. to get angry, to be stifled 2. to spring (of a lock)

FANCAME HALHUN stifling hot

FANCAME INJEMBI to be convulsed with laughter

FANDI a wooden grip on an oar or on a mast

FANDZ I. foreigner, (western) barbarian 2. see fanse

FANG square (as in 'square feet')

FANG JANG Buddhist abbot

FANG SEME solidly, immovably

FANGDZ prescription, recipe

FANGGA magic, possessed of magic powers

FANGGA BITHE amulet, fetish, charm


FANGKABUMBI I. caus. of fangkambi 2. to repay a debt with an object of equivalent value, to make restitution, to compensate for
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