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FIYOLOR SEME untruthfully

FIYOO 1. dustpan 2. winnowing fan 3. a dancing mask made from willow branches and painted with animal figures 4. see fiyo

FIYOOKOROMBI see fiyokorombi

FIYOOSE a gourd dipper, a ladle

FIYOOTAMBI see fiyotombi

FIYOOTOMBI see fiyotombi

FIYOR SEME see fior seme

FIYORHON woodpecker (Dryocopus martius)

FIYORHŪN see fiyorhon

FIYOTOKŪ black beetle

FIYOTOMBI 1. to fart 2. to brag

FIYOTOHO GIЉUN bragging, boasting

FO a small net attached to a pole-used to fish things out of ice floes


FO ULEBUMBI to feed a child pre-chewed food

FODO 1. a willow branch used at shamanistic ceremonies 2. a pole hung with a quantity of various colored paper money that is placed beside a grave

FODO WECEMBI to offer sacrifice in the presence of an erected willow


FODOBA a type of small bird

FODOHO willow


FODOHO INGGARI the fuzz or down from a willow tree

FODOMBI (-ko) to pant, to gasp for breath

FODOR FOSOK ЉEME raging, violently angry

EODOR SEME seething, furious

FODOROMBI (-ko) 1. to pant, to gasp 2. to go against the grain, to bristle

FOHODOMBI to anger, to incite

FOHOLOKON rather short


FOIFOBUMBI caus. of foifombi

FOIFOKŪ sharpener, strop for sharpening knives

FOIFOMBI to sharpen

FOIHORI careless, light, superficial

FOIHORILAMBI to do carelessly, to neglect, to treat indifferently

FOJI a skin covering for boots and shoes (worn in cold weather)

FOKJIHIYADAMBI to act in a coarse or boorish manner

FOKJIHIYAN boorish, cbarse

FOKTO jacket made of grass linen

FOLGO see folho

FOLHO a small iron hammer

FOLKOLOMBI to leave a space, to make an interval, to make a pause

FOLKOLOME here and there, interspersed, at intervals

FOLOBUMBI caus. of folombi

FOLOMBI to carve, to engrave, to print


FOLOHO HITHA engraved metal decoration on a horse's bridle

FOLORO FAKSI engraver, carver, printer

FOLON a carved inscription

FOMBI (-ha) to chap

FOMCI see fomoci

FOMILAMBI to tuck the clothing in

FOMOCI stockings, socks

FOMON one name for the wren; cf. darha cecike

FOMOROMBI to get tangled up

FOMPI chapped

FON time, season

FONDO through, thorough, completely

FONDO GEHUN transparent, translucent

FONDO TUCIKE went through and came out the other side

FONDOJOMBI to be broken or torn through

FONDOLOBUMBI caus. of fondolombi

FONDOLOMBI to penetrate, to go through

FONDOMBI see fondolombi

FONGKO a small brass drum

FONGSOMBI to become black from smoke

FONGSON soot, dirt

FONGSONGGI 1. soot, dirt 2. a turbotlike fish found in the Sunggari River

FONIYO female roe deer

FONJIBUMBI caus. of fonjimbi


FONJIN question, questioning

FONJINAMBI to go to ask

FONJINDUMBI/FONJINUMBI to ask (of a group)

FONJINGGIMBI to send to ask

FONJINJIMBI to come to ask

FONJISI 1. questioner, interrogator 2. Law Secretary, BH 826

FONTOHO 1. small hole in an object 2. a type of bottomless vessel

FONTOMBI see fondolombi

FOR (onom.) 1. the sound of slurping 2. the sound of a loom 3. the sound of neighing

FOR FOR (onom.) the same as for

FORFOI orangutan

FORGON 1. season, the course of the year 2. fate

FORGON I YARGIYAN TON the official calendar

FORGORI ILHA Rosa indica

FORGOЉOBUMBI caus. of forgoombi

FORGOЉOMBI 1. to revolve, to rotate 2. to transfer, to change

FORGOЉOME FIYELEMBI to turn in the saddle while trick riding

FORGOЉOME NIYAMNIYAMBI to suddenly reverse direction while shooting from horseback

FORIBUMBI caus./pass. of forimbi

FORIKŪ a wooden clapper

FORIMBI to strike, to knock

FORINGGA HŪSUN a man who goes about at night striking the hours on a gong or clapper

FORINGGIYAMBI to test an arrow shaft by turning it between the fingers

FORIЉAMBI to strike hard

FORITU a stick with small bells attached to it--used by Buddhist monks

FORJIN a small knot or excrescence on a tree

FORJIN MOO a tree with very hard wood that grows on riverbanks

FORKO spinning wheel

FORKO I SABKA SELE pivot on a spinning wheel

FOROBUMBI 1. caus. of forombi 2. to pray, to chant incantations

FOROBUN rotation, chanting of incantations

FOROHON CECIKE one name for the hoopoe;

cf. indahūn cecike

FOROMBI 1. to spin 2. to turn, to turn around, to face, to turn toward

FOROMIMBI see foringgiyambi

FORON 1. swirl, curl, whirl 2. rotation (of an arrow between the fingers)

FORON SAIN the rotation of the arrow shaft is right, i.e., it is straight

FORONOMBI to turn (in that direction)

FORONTU curly, having curly hair

FORONTU KARA a black horse with curly hair on the belly

FORONTU MORIN a horse with curly hair on the breast

FORTOHON having a turned-up nose (of animals)

FOSKIYAMBI see fosokiyambi

FOSOBA reflection, ray

FOSOBUMBI caus./pass. of fosombi

FOSOK (onom.) the sound of a wild beast leaping from cover

FOSOKIYAMBI to get upset because of impatience

FOSOLHON warm (of the sun)

FOSOMBI 1. (-ko) to shine, to light up 2. to splash, to splatter

FOSOMIKŪ TOHON a button for securing the hem while one is riding

FOSOMIMBI to tuck in the hem

FOSON sunlight, sun's rays, the glow of a fire

FOSONGGI see fongsonggi

FOSONJIMBI to come shining, to shine in here

FOSONOMBI to go shining, to shine in there

FOSOPI illuminated

FOSOR SEME many, in great quantity (of wild animals)

FOSOROMBI (-ko) to shrink

FOЉOR SEME seething (used to describe anger), foaming

FOЉOR ЉEME OBONGGI DEKDEHE produced white foam

FOTOR SEME 1. bubbling (of water), foaming 2. furiously

FOTOR SEME FUYEMBI to boil furiously

FOYO 1. ula grass--a soft grass used as padding in shoes 2. cloth woven from horsehair

FOYO ORHO ula grass

FOYODOMBI to divine

FOYODON divination

FOYONOMBI to become matted (of hair)

FOYORI an exotic plumlike fruit


FOYORO ORHO see foyo orho

FU 1. an outside wall 2. prefecture 3. residence, mansion

FU I AISILARA HAFAN Sub-Prefect of the Metropolitan Prefecture, BH 793

FU I ALIHA HAFAN Prefect of the Metropolitan Prefectures, BH 793

FU I ILHI HAFAN ViceGovernor of Peking, BH 793

FU I SARACI Prefect, BH 848

FU FA SEME panting, feverish

FU GŪWARA eared owl (Asio otus)

FU NIMAHA back carp

FUBIHŪN CECIKE the Korean hoopoe

FUBISE an exotic fruit from Tonkin

FUBUMBI caus. of fumbi

FUCEBUMBI caus. of fucembi

FUCEMBI to get angry, to get mad

FUCENDUMBI/FUCENUMBI to get angry (of a groups

FUCENG see fu i ilhi hafan


FUCIHI DORO the way of Buddha, Buddhism

FUCIHI DZUЉI Buddhist patriarch

FUCIHI ERHUWEKŪ niche for a Buddha image

FUCIHI HUWEJEKŪ the brightly ornamented background of a Buddha image

FUCIHI I NOMUN Buddhist sutra

FUCIHI IKTAN scriptures and valuables kept inside a Buddha image

FUCIHI MIYOO Buddhist temple

FUCIHINGGE pertaining to Buddha, Buddhist

FUCIHINGGE MAHALA a liturgical hat surmounted with the images of the five Dhyani-Buddhas that is worn by monks during services

FUCIHIYALABUMBI caus. of fucihiyalambi

FUCIHIYALAMBI to singe (off)


FUCIHIYAЉAMBI to heat in a flame

FUCU FACA (onom.) whispering

FUDAMBI to vomit

FUDANGGA with the hair going the wrong way, bristly, unkempt

FUDARAMBI (-ka) 1. to go against, to rebel 2. to be bristly, to be unkempt (of hair) 3. to oppose, to resist

FUDARAN opposition, rebellion

FUDASI recalcitrant, rebellious, obstinate

FUDASI GŪWARA a type of owl

FUDASI HALAI recalcitrant and perverse

FUDASIHULAMBI to go mad, to lose one's mind

FUDASIHŪN rebellious, disloyal, recalcitrant, obstinate

FUDEBUMBI caus. of fudembi

FUDEHUN see fundehun

FUDEJEMBI to develop a flaw, to crack,

to rip

FUDELEBUMBI caus. of fudelembi

FUDELEMBI to rip out a seam, to tear apart, to take apart

FUDEMBI 1. to see off, to accompany 2. to accompany a trousseau 3. to give a gift on departure

FUDEHE JAKA dowry, trousseau

FUDENEMBI to go to see off

FUDENJIMBI to come to see off

FUDEЉEBUMBI caus. of fudeљembi

FUDEЉEMBI to dance in order to drive away evil spirits (to cure an illness)--specifically to dance in honor of the tiger god

FUDEЉERE SAMAN a shaman who dances in honor of the tiger god

FUDZ master, respectful term for teachers and elders

FUFA (onom.) the sound of panting

FŪFEN 1. one thousandth 2. a tenth of an inch

FUFUBUMBI caus. of fufumbi

FUFUMBI (-ha) to saw

FUFUN a saw

FUFUTAMBI to torment oneself, to slave away (at a job)

FUGU see fuhu

FUHALI completely, totally, really, actually

FUHAЉABUMBI caus. of fuhaљambi

FUHAЉAMBI 1. to exchange, to barter 2. to read carefully, to study

FUHAЉAME KIMCEMBI to study, to devote oneself to the study of

FUHEN the mold on the surface of fermenting substances

FUHEЉEBUMBI caus. of fuheљembi

FUHEЉEKU ORHO tumbleweed

FUHEЉEMBI to roll, to roll over, to somersault, to tumble

FUHEЉEME INJEMBI to double up with laughter

FUHIYEMBI to get angry, to get mad

FUHŪ wart

FUHU BANJIMBI a wart appears

FUHUN the appearance of anger or rage, enraged, angry

FUIFUBUMBI caus. of fuifumbi

FUIFUKŪ kettle, pot for boiling liquids

FUIFUMBI to boil, to stew, to boil down (as salt)

FUJIN wife of a feudal lord, wife of a beile, lady

FUJISA plural of fujin

FUJIYANG Colonel, Regimental Commander, BH 752

FUJULAMBI see fujurulambi

FUJŪN gracious, refined

FUJURAKŪ indecorous, dishonorable, dishonest, tactless, unrefined

FUJURI 1. foundation, basis, origin 2. hereditary

FŪRJŪRI AMBAN a hereditary dignitary

FUJURI BOO a family in which men frequently followed official careers, a gentry family

FUJURI NIRU hereditary banner chief

FUJURULABUMBI caus. of fujurulambi

FUJURULAMBI to probe deeply, to get to the bottom of something, to make inquiries, to investigate

FUJURULAME FONJIMBI to make inquiries, to get to the bottom of something

FUJURUN prose poem, a fu

FUJURUNGGA fine, elegant

FUJURUNGGA YANGSANGGA alluring, elegant and noble

FUKA 1. bubble, blister, pustule 2. circle, a circle in the Manchu writing system 3. enceinte in front of a city gate, bastion on a city wall 4. wild-animal cage

FUKANAMBI to bubble, to form bubbles

FUKCIHIYAN see fukjihiyan

FUKCIN see fukjin

FUKDEJEMBI to open up again (a wound)

FUKDEREMBI to have a relapse (of illness), to reopen (of a wound)

FUKIYAMBI see fuyakiyambi


FUKJIHIYAN common, ordinary, despicable

FUKJIN beginning, origin, foundation

FUKJIN ILIBUMBI to lay a foundation

FUKJINGGA original, ancient, primitive

FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy--seal characters

FUKJINGGA HERGEN I KŪREN an office in Peking charged with developing a pseudo 'seal script' for Manchu

FUKJINGGA MAHATŪN a style of hat worn in ancient times

FUKJIЉAMBI to be restrained, to hold back

FUKSUHU large excrescence on a tree

FUKTALA bracken fern (Pteridum aquilinum)

FULABURU dark blue or black with a slightly reddish tinge, blue flecked with red or pink

FŪLABURU GASHA Chinese blue and white flycatcher (Cyanoptila cyanomelana )

FULACAN a bag for storing flint

FULAHŪKAN light pink

FULAHŪN 1. pink, reddish 2. the fourth of the heaven's stems 3. naked, bare, impoverished, barren

FULAHŪN YADAMBI to be impoverished

FULAHŪRI deep red, fire red

FULAHŪRI KAMTUN a deep red head

scarf used during the Han dynasty

FULAKCAN pouch for carrying a flint

FULAN a light-colored horse with a dark mane and tail

FULANA Prunus humilis; cf. ulana

FULANA ILHA crab-apple blossom

FULARAMBI (-ka) to become red, to blush

FULARGAN a rust-colored swallow

FULARI of a red shade

FULARI CECIKE the same as fulgiyan siљargan

FULARI ILHA an exotic red flower that blooms in autumn

FULARILAMBI to flash red, to lighten

FULARJAMBI to have a red appearance

FULARЉAMBI see fularjambi

FULATA red-eyed, having red circles about the eyes

FULATA NISIHA a type of small, redeyed fish

FULCA an exotic sweet purple fruit, about the size of a man's finger

FULCENGGE ILHA rainbow pink (Dianthus chinensis)

FULCIN cheekbone, cheek

FULCU an exotic fruit resembling the wild grape

FULCUHUN ЉULHE a type of pear (Pyrus betulaefolia)

FULCUN a large exotic red fruit shaped like a man's finger

FULDUN grove, thicket, clump

FULDUN FULDUN I in clumps, in thickets

FULEFUN for his sake (used in prayers)


FULEHE SUWALIYAME together with the roots, including the roots

FULEHENGGE pertaining to or having roots

FULEHU alms given to monks

FULEHŪN alms, good deed, kind act (Sanskrit, dana)

FULEHUN BAIMBI to beg for alms

FULEHUN I HAFAN Honorary Licentiate, BH 958

FULEHUN I SILGASI Senior Licentiate by Imperial Favor, BH 629A

FULEHUN I TACIMSI an Honorary Licentiate conferred upon certain joyous occasions, BH 959

FULEHUNGGE gracious, kind

FULEHUSI almsgiver, benefactor


FULENGGI BOCO ash-colored

FULENGGI NIYANCIHA tender grass shoots

FULENGGINGGE NAMU KUWECIHE a gray dove with black neck and red feet

FULFINTU CECIKE Japanese waxwing (Bombycilla japonica)

FULGAMBI see fulhambi

FULGIDEI golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)

FULGIKE rubythroat (Calliope calliope)

FULGIYACI short-haired summer pelts of deer

FULGIYAKAN light red, reddish

FULGIYAN 1. red, purple 2. the third of the heaven's stems

FULGIYAN AFAHA voucher given for the use of a public horse, receipt for tax or toll

FULGIYAN ALAN red birchbark that still has not dried out

FULGIYAN CAISE a thin fried cake made from flour and honey

FULGIYAN CIBIRGAN a type of red swallow

FULGIYAN ENGGETU KERU a type of a crow with red feet and beak

FULGIYAN FULAN a dark brown horse with dark mane and tail

FULGIYAN GAHANGGA KIRU a banner of the imperial escort depicting a red crow FULGIYAN GASHA one name for the wild goose; cf. bigan i niongniyaha

FŪLGIYAN GASHANGGA KIRU a banner of the imperial escort depicting a small red bird

FULGIYAN HAFUKA broke out with the measles

FULGIYAN HAKSANGGA EFEN a type of crunchy red cake

FULGIYAN ILETUNGGE GU a round jade object with a hole in the center used for sacrifices at the altar of the sun

FULGIYAN JAMURI ILHA a variety of red rose

FULGIYAN JIYOO BING a type of hard brown cake


FULGIYAN JUGŪN I HETU UNDU I DURUNGGA TETUN an astronomical instrument used for observing the position of heavenly bodies in relation to the equator

FULGIYAN JUI baby, newborn babe

FULGIYAN LEFUNGGE KIRU a banner of the imperial escort depicting a red bear

FULGIYAN MURSA carrot, beet


FULGIYAN ЉELBETE the name of a wild grass

FULGIYAN SISA small red beans

FULGIYAN SIЉARGAN Pallas's rose finch (Carpodacus roseus)

FULGIYAN SUIHETU COKO red-crested pheasant

FULGIYAN ЉURU bay (color of a horse)

FULGIYAN ЉUNGKERI ILHA red Chinese orchid (Bletilla chinensis)

FULGIYAN TOSI the red crest of a crane

FULGIYAN TOЉINGGA FIYORHON redcrested woodpecker


FULGIYAN UMIYEЉUN 'red sash'--the descendants of the six Ningguta beile

FULGIYAN URANGGA MOO a tree of the Clerodendrum family

FULGIYAN YARHA red leopard


FULGIYANGGA pertaining to red, redhaired

FULGIYARI COKO rooster with very red feathers

FULGIYEBUMBI caus./pass. of fulgiyembi

FULGIYEKU 1. whistle, pipe 2. blowgun, blowpipe


FULHA poplar

FŪLHAMBI to produce pus, to flow (of pus); cf. ki fulhambi

FULHERI a round red exotic fruit

FULHUMBI to put out shoots, to sprout

FULHŪNTU see fulhutu

FULHUREMBI (-ke) to sprout, to germinate, to grow, to develop

FULHUREMBUMBI caus. of fulhurembi

FULHUREN 1. sprout 2. beginning, inception

FULHUTU a type of ritual cap worn during the Chou dynasty

FULHŪ bag, sack

FULHŪCA small sack

FULHŪMA a type of southern pheasant

FULHŪSUN satchel, carrying bag

FULHUTU HŪWAЉAN a mendicant monk

FULI jerky, dried meat or fish

FULIBUMBI to take form, to take shape

FULIBURAKŪ doesn't take shape-used to describe a person grasping for words as he sobs or pants

FULIMBUMBI see fulibumbi

FULIN 1. form, shape 2. luck, lucky fate

FULINGGA lucky, having good fortune

FULIYAMBI 1. to forgive, to pardon 2. to mend an arrow shaft

FULKŪRAN MOO a type of hawthorn

FULMAI ILHA an exotic flower the plant of which resembles wheat

FULMIN see fulmiyen

FULMIYEBUMBI caus. of fulmiyembi

FULMIYEMBI to bind, to tie up, to tie together

FULMIYEN bundle, package

FULMUN BOIHON a bluish clay used for making molds used in casting bronze

FULNACI ILHA Pyrus halliana, the red blossom of the Japanese cherry

FULNIYERI ILHA a fragrant red exotic flower

FULЉURI ILHA an exotic creeping plant with red blossoms

FULU 1. surplus, excess, left over, extra 2. excelling, surpassing, better 3. a sacklike protector for a wounded finger

FŪLU JEKU early grain

FULU LEN a great deal larger

FULUKAN somewhat excessive, somewhat better

FULUN salary, emolument

FULUN BE KIMCIRE TINGGIN salary office of the eight banners

FULUN CALIYAN I KŪNGGERI salary section of the Board of War and the Court of Banqueting

FULUN CALIYAN ICIHIYARA BA salary office of the Board of Finance

FULUN FAITAMBI to cut off one's salary as a punishment

FULUNGGA grand, majestic

FULUNGGE excessive, extra, left over

FUMA imperial son-in-law; cf. efu

FUMBI (1) (-ha/he) to wipe, to wipe off

FUMBI (2) (-ngke, -mpi) to become numb

FUMEREBUMBI caus. of fumerembi

FUMEREMBI 1. to mix up, to confuse, to stir together 2. to fight in a confused manner

FUMEREME AFAMBI to fight a fierce battle

FUMERENUMBI to be mixed together

FUN 1. one-hundredth (of a Chinese foot) 2. powder 3. fragrant odor

FUN BEYE identical, homogeneous

FUNCEBUMBI caus. of funcembi

FUNCEMBI to be left over, to be in excess

FUNCEME over, in excess

FŪNCEN excess, left over

FUNCEN DABAN extra and excess

FUNCETELE to the point of excess

FUNDE (postposition) in place of, instead of, for

FUNDE BOЉOKŪ Lieutenant, BH 727

FUNDE OROLOHAKU without having a substitute

FUNDE WEILEMBI to substitute for someone

FUNDEHUN 1. desolate, forsaken 2. pallid

FUNDEЉI animals and birds that have been released

FUNEMBI to become numb

FUNFULAMBI 1. to order, to forbid 2. to get ready beforehand, to prepare

FUNG ЉUI geomancy


of the Board of Punishments in Mukden

FUNGGAHA feather, down

FUNGGALA tail feather, feather in an official's hat

FUNGGIN 1. an old boar 2. the thick skin of a pig


FUNGKERI HIYAN Coumarouna odorata

FUNGKERI ILHA a type of Chinese orchid found in marshes

FUNGKU towel, cloth for wiping, kerchief

FUNGKŪ log, block of wood

FUNGLU salary

FUNGNEBUMBI to be enfeoffed

FUNGNEHEN a document conferring enfeoffment, grant


FIYENTEN Department of Grants, BH 338

FUNGNEHEN EJEHE I KUNGGERI a section of the Board of War in charge of edicts, grants, and rescripts

FUNGNEHEN EJEHE ICIHIYARA BA a section of the Grand Secretariat in charge of edicts, grants, and rescripts


FUNGNEMBI to enfeoff

FUNGSAN 1. rank (the taste of mutton or beef) 2. impoverished 3. the oil gland at the base of a bird's tail, uropygial gland

FUNGSAN YADAHŪN destitute, impoverished

FUNGSE 1. flour, meal 2. basin, pan

FUNGЉUN smelling of urine

FUNGTO see fungtoo

FUNGTOO envelope

FUNIMA a poisonous sand fly

FUNIYAGAN power of judgment, understanding

FUNIYAGANGGA endowed with good judgment

FUNIYAHA a parasitic worm that lives in the hair on the backs of horses and cattle

FUNIYAHAN see funiyagan

FUNIYANGGA see funiyagangga

FUNIYEHE hair, fur, nap

FUNIYEHE DASITU bangs worn by young boys in ancient times

FUNIYEHE DEN CEKEMU a type of velvet with a thick surface

FUNIYEHE I ЉOЉON an artificial lock of hair worn by women over their natural hair


FUNIYEHE SULABUMBI to let the hair grow long

FUNIYEHELEMBI to pull the hair (while fighting)

FUNIYEHENGGE hairy, hirsute

FUNIYESEN see funiyesun

FUNIYESUN a kind of coarse woolen, felt

FUNJIMA sand fly, gnat

FUNTAMBI (-ka) to become moldy


FUNTANAMBI to form mold

FUNTU deer horn in velvet--used in medicine

FUNTUHŪ gap, empty space, interval, lacuna

FUNTUHULEMBI 1. to make a gap, to leave a space 2. to be absent from one's post

FUNTUHUN see funtuhu

FUNTUMBI 1. to brave (the rain, a storm, etc.) 2. to cross a river (of livestock) 3. to charge bravely (enemy troops)

FUNTURABUMBI caus. of funturambi

FUNTURAMBI to root, to dig with the snout

FUNTUREMBI see funtumbi

FUNTURЉAMBI to root persistently

FUR SEME gently, easily, lightly, nicely, smoothly

FUR SEME SAIKAN fresh and pretty

FUR SEME TUCIKE flowed lightly (sweat)

FURANAHA dust, fine dirt, ashes

FURCAN a small, red-billed crane

FURDAN 1. scar, wound 2. pass, gateway 3. eye of a needle 4. a twisted root

FURDAN DOGON I KUNGGERI office concerned with passes and fords in the Board of War

FURDAN DUKA gate at a pass

FURDAN I TEMGETU BITHEI KUNGGERI a section of the Board of War concerned with issuing pass permits

FURDAN KAMNI narrow pass

FURDEHE pelt, fur, fur jacket

FURDEHE KURUME a fur jacket

FURDEHE SOFORO a saddle cushion made of fur

FURFU ape, orangutan

FURFUN FARFAN in streams (tears)

FURGI 1. a bundle of willow branches or reeds used to repair dams or dikes 2. a stick with a tuft of grass attached to the end--used in shamanistic rites 3. collar for draft animals

FURGI COKO one name for the turkey

FURGI TAI dike terrace

FURGIBUMBI caus./pass. of furgimbi

FURGIMBI 1. to drift, to wash up (of sand and dust) 2. to foment, to

bathe with a warm medicated liquid 3. to come in (of the tide) 4. to be hot (of taste)

FURGIN 1. tide 2. hot (in taste)

FURGISI a man who lays out furgi when the river level is low

FURGISU ginger

FURHŪN CECIKE one name for the hoopoe; cf. indahūn cecike

FURIMBI to dive, to swim under water, to plunge

FURITAN one name for the pelican; cf. kū tan

FURITU NIYEHE diving duck

FURNA a bondman of the second generation

FURSUN 1. shoots, sprouts (especially of a grain) 2. sawdust

FURSUN SAIN growth is good (said of domestic animals)

FURSUNGGA NIYEHE one name for the wild duck

FURŪ 1. excrescence in wood 2. canker sore 3. tangled branches 4. cruel, violent

FURUBUMBI caus. of furumbi

FURUDAMBI to act in a cruel or violent way

FURUKŪ a grater

FURUMBI to slice, to grate, to cut into fine pieces

FURUN meat scraped from a bone

FURUNAMBI to develop a canker sore in the mouth

FURUNGGA HANGSE finely cut noodles

FURUNUMBI to slice together

FURUSUN TASHARI one name for the eagle

FUSA Bodhisattva

FUSE unintentionally

FUSE INJEHE laughed unintentionally

FUSEJEMBI 1. to burst (of bubbles and boils) 2. to break through 3. to break up (of ice)

FUSELEMBI to break open, to make a hole in

FUSELI an inedible freshwater fish resembling the black carp whose gall is used as a medicine

FUSEMBI (-ke, -ndere) to propagate, to reproduce, to breed

FUSEMBUMBI caus. of fusembi

FUЉEN propagation

FUSENGGE FULANA ILHA a type of wild red cherry blossom

FUSEREBUMBI caus. of fuserembi

FUSEREMBI to trim, to edge, to put on a fur trimming

FUSEREHE MAHALA a hat with a furtrimmed brim

FUSEREMBUMBI see fuserebumbi

FUSERI Szechuan pepper (Zanthoxylum piperitum)

FUSERI MOO Szechuan pepper tree

FUSHAMBI to lose everything, to be wiped out

FUSHEBUMBI caus. of fushembi


FUSHEKU I HERU the frame of a fan

FUSHEKU I TALGARI a fan's covering

FUSHEKU I TEMUN handle of a fan

FUSHEKU I TUHEBUKU an ornament attached to the handle of a fan


FUSHEHE BONGKO cotton still in the boll, raw cotton

FUSHŪ 1. stand for cooking pot 2. excrescence on a tree

FUSHŪ GURJEN hearth cricket

FUSHŪ NAHAN a kang near the stove

FUSHUBUMBI 1. caus. of fushumbi 2. to set off (firecrackers)

FUSHUMBI 1. to burst open (of flower buds) 2. to go off (of firecrackers), to crack from overheating

FUSI abominable, loathsome, frightful, monstrous


FUSI BAHAMBI to give birth to a monstrosity as a result of ridiculing a person or thing

FUSI BAHARAHŪ afraid of giving birth to a monstrosity

FUSIBUMBI caus./pass. of fusimbi

FUSIHEN an erasable lacquer board used for writing

FUSIHULABUMBI caus./pass. of fusihūlambi

FUSIHŪLAMBI to look down upon, to despise

FUSIHŪN 1. down, downward 2. westward 3. humble, low, cheap 4. junior, subordinate

FUSIHŪЉABUMBI caus./pass. of fusihūљambi

FUSIHŪЉAMBI to look down upon, to despise

FUSILARU a term of abuse--misbegotten, cretin

FUSIMBI (-ha) 1. to shave, to shave off, to cut the hair 2. to trim the feathers on an arrow shaft

FUSKU see fushu

FUSU FASA flustered, in great rush

FUSUBUMBI caus. of fusumbi

FUSUKŪ sprinkling can

FUSUMBI to sprinkle (water)

FUSURE TAMPIN a sprinkling can

FUSUR SEME 1. flaky and soft 2. steadily (of a horse's gait)


FUSURI GUNGGULU a parrot's crest

FUSURI ILHA the cotton rose (Hibiscus mutabilis)

FUSURI NIYEHE the same as alhari niyehe

FUSURJEMBI to crack, to become worn

FUЉAHŪ one name for the scops owl; cf. hūљahū

FUЉARCAN a red-headed crane

FUЉARGAN one name for the rose finch; cf. fulgiyan siљargan

FUTA 1. rope, line, string 2. one sheng (180 Chinese feet)

FUTA FEKUCEMBI to jump rope

FUTA MISHAN a line for measuring the depth of water

FUTAI KŪWARAN rope factory

FUTAHI a first-generation bondman

FUTALABUMBI caus. of futalambi

FUTALAMBI to measure in sheng

FUTALAHA USIN extended land

FUWEN 1. minute 2. one-tenth of a Chinese inch 3. candareen

FUYAKIYAMBI to become nauseous, to become sickening

FUYAMBI to feel like vomiting, to feel nauseated

FUYAN Curcuma, turmeric

FUYARI NIYEHE a type of duck whose flesh has a nauseating smell--the same as aka niyehe

FUYEBUMBI caus. of fuyembi

FUYEBURE TAMPIN a pot for preparing boiling water

FUYEMBI 1. to come to a boil, to boil 2. to skin (an animal)

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