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GILJAN pardon, forgiveness

GILJANGGA compassionate, merciful, clement

GILMAHŪN shining, glistening

GILMARI ILHA sunflower

GILMARJAMBI to shine, to glow, to flash

GILTA GILTA shining, glowing

GILTA GILTI glittering, gleaming

GILTAHŪN glittering, shining, clean

GILTARI shining, glittering

GILTARI AMIHŪN flowers of sulphur, sublimed sulphur

GILTARI NIOWERI shiny, colorful, bright

GILTARI SIЉARGAN one name for the rose finch; cf. fulgiyan siљargan

GILTARILAMBI to shine, to glitter

GILTARЉAMBI to shine brightly, to gleam

GILTASIKŪ silk brocade

GILTUKAN attractive, nice-looking, handsome

GILTUNGGA refined, talented

GILTUSI Bachelor (of the National Academy), BH 20I

GILUK a good horse that can traverse

a great distance in one day

GIMDA a Chinese constellation

GIMDA TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner of the imperial escort depicting the constellation gimda

GIMЉU the male quail

GIN 1. scale, steelyard 2. catty

GIN I ILHA the scale of a steelyard

GIN I TON number of catties

GIN ALHA colorful flower-patterned satin

GIN CIYAN GI a variety of pheasant-probabMy the North China ring-necked pheasant; cf. jihana. coko

GINA 1. a trap for sable and squirrels, a deadfall 2. sheepskin decorated with gold leaf

GINA ILHA Chinese balsam

GINCIHI shiny through continued long use

GINCIHINEMBI to become shiny through wear

GINCIHIYAN 1. fair, beautiful 2. bright, shining

GINCIHIYAN LEKE a thin smooth cake made of honey, flour, and sesame oil

GINCIHIYAN ЉOBIN flat baked wheat cakes with a smooth, shiny surface

GINCIHIYAN TUWABUNGGA HOOЉAN a type of slick paper used for public announcements

GINCIHIYARI TAIHA a type of dog with long smooth hair

GINCIRI MOO China fir (Cunninghamia sinensis)

GINCITU MOO a tall palm found in the Tonkin region (Caryota ochlandra)

GINDANA prison, jail

GINDANA BE KADALARA HAFAN Inspector of Prisons, BH 457


GINDERHEN one name for the crested lark; cf. wenderhen

GING 1. watch (of the night) 2. scripture, sutra 3. capital (city)

GING BITHE Buddhist scripture

GING FORIMBI to strike the watch (with a wooden clapper)

GING FORIRE NIYALMA a night watchman

GING FORIЉI watchman who strikes the night watches

GING HECEN capital city; cf. gemun hecen

GINGGACŪN sad, depressing

GINGGAMBI see gingkambi

GINGGE clean, pure

GINGGEN a catty

GINGGIN 1. a piece of wood attached to a dog's neck to keep him from biting 2. see ginggen

GINGGUHE one name for the parrot

GINGGUJI respectful, chaste

GINGGŪJI HEHE the wife of an enfeoffed official of the fourth rank

GINGGULEBUMBI caus./pass. of ginggulembi

GINGGULEMBI 1. to respect, to honor, to act respectfully 2. to write the standard form of the script

GINGGULEME ARAMBI to write the standard form of the script

GINGGULERE HERGEN the standard form of the script

GINGGŪLEN respectful, attentive, careful

GINGGUN respect, honor

GINGGUN AKŪ without respect or honor, improper

GINGGUN HOOЉAN a type of thick paper made in Peking

GINGGUN KUNDU respect and honor

GINGKABUMBI caus./pass. of aingkambi

GINGKACŪKA sad, depressing, depressed

GINGKAMBI to feel depressed, to feel downcast

GINGLI registrar, proctor

GINGLI JERGI HAFAN official advisor

GINGNEBŪMBI caus. of gingnembi

GINGNEHEN picul (I20 catties)

GINGNEMBI 1. to weigh on a steelyard 2. to offer a cup with both hands at a sacrifice or shamanistic rite

GINGЉIMBI 1. to mumble 2. to growl while sleeping (of a dog) 3. to recite in a singsong fashion

GINJI golden pheasant; cf. junggiri coko

GINJULE BURGA white willow (Salix alba)

GINTALA Chinese tubular celery (Oenanthe stolonifera)

GINTEHE see ayan gintehe, indahūn, gintehe

GINTOHO a unit of weight equivalent to twenty-four Chinese ounces

GINTU a wooden frame for holding straw in place (in a yurt)

GIO 1. roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) 2. mother's brother

GIO HOLHON Atractylis ovata

GIO URA Agaricus quercus

GIODOHON quick, alert, lively

GIOGIN the palm of the hand

GIOGIN ARAMBI to place the palms of the hands together (for prayer)

GIOGIYAN well formed, fine

GIOGIYAN EFEN small stuffed dumplings--usually boiled

GIOGIYANGGA KIYOO an open imperial sedan chair carried by sixteen people

GIOHAMBI to beg (for alms)

GIOHOMBI see giohambi

GIOHOЉOMBI to beg persistently

GIOHOTO beggar

GIOI DZ tangerine

GIOI ILHA chrysanthemum

GIOI ZIN Provincial Graduate, BH 629B

GIOINGGE JAHŪDAI a warship with a flat keel

GIOISE tangerine; cf. jofohori

GIOLU skull

GIOSE 1. pongee (silk) 2. see giyose

GIOWAN 1. copper 2. section of an oldstyle Chinese book--chьan

GIOWANSE coarsely woven raw silk (used for painting) 2. a scroll

GIRAN corpse

GIRAN BE TUWAMBI to examine a corpse

GIRAN JAFAMBI to cremate a corpse

GIRAN TUCIBŪMBI to take a corpse to the place of burial





GIRANGGI SASUKŪ same as giranggi pai

GIRANGGI YALI relatives, relations

GIRANGGILAMBI to be wounded to the bone

GIRATŪ big-boned (of livestock)

GIRATUNGGA big-boned, stocky

GIRDAN 1. cloth or strips of pelts cut with scissors 2. evenly cut slices of meat 3. pennant 4. border trim on a banner

GIRDAN KILTAN I FIYENTEN Flags and Signals Section, BH 120

GIRDANGGA outfitted with strips of pelt or cloth

GIRDU CECIKE see derdu cecike

GIRHA the name of a constellation

GIRHA TOKDONGGO KIRŪ a banner depicting the constellation girha

GIRI CECIKE one name for the myna

GIRIBŪMBI caus. of girimbi

GIRIKŪ a small knife for trimming skin, paper, and cloth

GIRIMBI to trim with a knife or scissors, to cut evenly, to cut a strip

GIRIN 1. strip 2. section, area

GIRIN EFULEMBI to break the ice on a river in the autumn to catch fish

GIRIN I BOO house facing the street

GIRINJAMBI to exert oneself

GIRKŪMBI to act intently, to act with a single purpose, to concentrate

GIRU 1. appearance, aspect, form 2.a wooden bow before it is laminated with horn

GIRU SACIMBI to cut out the wooden shaft of a bow

GIRŪ SAIN good looking

GIRUBUMBI 1. caus./pass. of girumbi 2. to shame, to bring shame to, to be disgraced

GIRUCUN shame, disgrace, disgraced

GIRUDAI the phoenix of the south

GIRUMBI (-ha) to be ashamed, to feel ashamed, to be embarrassed

GIRUTU ashamed, embarrassed; cf.gicuke manggi

GISABUMBI 1. caus. of gisambi 2. to wipe out, to annihilate

GISAMBI (-ka) to be wiped out, to perish utterly

GISAN 1. perishing, annihilation 2. hair that falls out

GISAN HALAMBI to have the hair fall out and be replaced by new

GISE prostitute, whore


GISE HEHE I FALAN house of prostitution, brothel

GISHE vine of a cucurbitaceous plant; cf. jushe

GISIHA hazelnut tree; cf. jisiha

GISTA 1. end of a tendon 2. devious, cunning

GISUHE see gishe

GISUN 1. speech, word, language 2. drumstick

GISUN AIFUMBI to break one's word

GISUN ANABURAKŪ obstinate, unyielding in speech

GISUN BANJINARAKŪ not to have the words (to express one's anger or indignation)

GISUN BE GAIJARA TEMGETUN one of the pennants of the imperial escort

GISUN BEDEREBUMBI to take back news

GISUN BUMBI to give one's word, to assent


GISUN FULIBURAKŪ can't get the words out, remains speechless



GIЉUN GOICUKA what was said is to the point


GISUN I FESIN an object of talk (criticism or gossip)

GISUN MUDAN language

GISUREBUMBI caus. of gisurembi

GISŪRECEMBI to talk together, to discuss

GISUREMBI to speak, to talk

GISUREHEI AYAMBUMBI to persuade, to move with words


Junior Metropolitan Censor, BH 2I0

GISUREMBUMBI see gisurebumbi

GISUREN talk, discussion

GIЉURENDUMBI/GISURENUMBI to talk to one another

GISURENEMBI to go to talk

GISURENJIMBI to come to talk

GITA LOODAN very small

GITALA see gintala

GITARILAMBI see giltarilambi

GITUHAN a zitherlike instrument with twelve strings

GITUKU name of the bamboo partridge in southwest China

GIYA see giyai

GIYA SIYAN LEKE a steamed cake with a sugar and jujube filling

GIYA ЉA ETUKU a monk's habit

GIYA ЉE DZUN Kāsyapa Buddha; cf. g'asib

GIYAB (onom.) the sound made by the Pekingese dog

GIYABALABUMBI caus. of giyabalambi

GIYABALAMBI 1. to press, to hold between two objects 2. to punish by applying a press to the feet

GIYABAN a foot-press used for punishing criminals, pressing sticks

GIYABAN GIDAMBI to apply the pressing sticks

GIYABAN GŪLHA boots made from the skin of the thighs of horses, mules, or donkeys

GIYABSAHŪN emaciated, thin and weak

GIYABSARAMBI (-ka) to be emaciated

GIYABUMBI caus. of giyambi

GIYADURAKA chaotic, in every direction

GIYAHA leaves that have fallen from a tree

GIYAHA SIHAMBI leaves fall

GIYAHALCAMBI to move agilely (of horses)

GIYAHŪHA CECIKE one name for the wren; cf. ,irha cecike

GIYAHŪN accipitrine birds--hawks, falcons, etc.


GIYAHŪN CECIKE shrike; cf. mergen cecike

GIYAHŪN I OЉOHO a hawk's claws

GIYAHŪN MAKTAMBI to launch a falcon

GIYAHŪN UJIRE BA a place where falcons are kept

GIYAHŪN YAЉA a mosslike plant (Lycopodium clavata)

GIYAI street

GIYAI GIRIN the street front

GIYAI YUWAN number one in the provincial examination

GIYAJALAMBI to serve as an attendant

GIYAJAN 1. attendant of a beile, beise, or prince 2. large shears

GIYAJI fragile, attractive but not sturdy

GIYAJILAMBI see giyajalambi

GIYAKDA a small curved knife

GIYAKDALAMBI to cut with a small curved knife

GIYAKTA leaves that have fallen from a tree; cf. giyaha

GIYAKTU CECIKE brown bush warbler; cf. enggetu cecike

GIYALABUMBI caus. of giyalambi

GIYALABUN interval, space, pause

GIYALAGANJAMBI see giyalganjambi

GIYALAHABUMBI see giyalgabumbi

GIYALAKŪ 1. separation, compartment, section 2. divider, separator 3. interval, space

GIYALAMAHA headband, diadem

GIYALAMBI to make a space or pause between, to separate, to be separated (by an interval), to be intermittent, to be in between

GIYALAMTUN in the Chou dynasty, the name of a small table on which flesh was offered

GIYALAN 1. space between, interval, interstice 2. measure word for rooms and houses

GIYALANAMBI to form a divider, to form an interval

GIYALGABUMBI caus. of giyalgambi

GIYALGAMBI to neglect to give something due, to omit, to delete

GIYALGANJAMBI to do by turns

GIYALHŪHA dry wood split up for burning


GIYALTU a type of sea fish

GIYALU crack, fissure, defect

GIYALU BAIMBI to look for defects

GIYALUNAMBI to crack, to develop a defect

GIYAMBI to pare, to whittle

GIYARA MOO split firewood

GIYAMULABUMBI caus. of giyamulambi

GIYAMULAMBI to go by the relay-post system

GIYAMUN relay station, relay post, military post station

GIYAMUN BE KADALARA HAFAN official in charge of a post station

GIYAMUN BE KADALARA YAMUN office of an Inspector of Military Post Stations, BH 754


GIYAMUN I FALGANGGA an office of the Board of War in charge of matters relating to post stations

GIYAMUN I HAHA manservant at a post


GIYAMUN I HŪSUN post-station worker

GIYAMUN I MORIN post horse

GIYAMUN TEBUMBI to establish a string of relay posts

GIYAMUSI Inspector of a Post Station, BH 754

GIYAN 1. reason, right, principle, order 2. reasonable, right, in order, proper 3. measure word for rooms and buildings

GIYAN BE JORIKŪ an official in the Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction just under the erdemu be neileku

GIYAN BE MURIMBI to be unfair

GIYAN DE ACANAMBI to be reasonable


GIYAN FIYAN reasonable, orderly

GIYAN GIYAN I in proper order, in an orderly and reasonable manner, in detail

GIYAN I on principle, by right

GIYAN I . . . CI ACAMBI must, ought to

GIYANAKŪ limited

GIYANAKŪ UDU how short, how limited, how few

GIYANCEO raw silk

GIYANCIHIYAN HOOЉAN a type of thin shiny paper

GIYANDU inspector

GIYANG 1. river 2. ginger 3. (onom.) the sound of a dog barking

GIYANGDU cowpeas (Virga sinensis), a pastry made of cowpeas

GIYANGGA reasonable, moral

GIYANGGIYAN reasonable

GIYANGGUHE one name for the myna

GIYANGKA BERI a gripless bow made from the horns of the water buffalo

GIYANGKŪ a shirker

GIYANGKŪЉAMBI to be always shirking one's duty or work

GIYANGNABUMBI caus. of giyangnambi

GIYANGNAKŪ one who insists that he is always right, an arguer

GIYANGNAKUЉAMBI to be always insisting on one's own views

GIYANGNAMBI to explain, to comment on

GIYANGNAN Kiangnan, the areas south of the Yangtse

GIYANGNAN GOLOI BOLGOBŪRE FIYENTEN a section of the Board of Finance concerned with Kiangnan

GIYANGNAN GOLOI FALGA office of the Board of Civil Appointments concerned with Kiangnan


GIYANGSIMBI to yelp (of dogs that are tied up and want to escape)

GIYANSI spy, enemy agent

GIYANTU a whiplike weapon with a four-cornered iron tip

GIYAPI peeled, having a raised crust

GIYAPI ЉOBIN a type of baked cake with a raised crust

GIYAPINAMBI to shed a layer of skin, to peel (v.1.)

GIYAR GIR (onom.) the sound made by monkeys and birds

GIYAR GIYAR (onom.) the same as giyar gir

GIYARGIYAN SEME scolding constantly

GIYARIBUMBI caus. of giyarimbi

GIYARICI patrolman, policeman

GIYARIMBI 1. to patrol, to make an inspection tour 2. to go away from home to fast


GIYARIME KEDEREMBI to make a tour of inspection


GIYARIMSI Sub-district Magistrate, BH 857

GIYARINAMBI to go to patrol, to go to inspect

GIYARINJIMBI to come to patrol, to come to inspect

GIYASE stand, frame

GIYATARABUMBI caus./pass. of giyatarambi

GIYATARAMBI 1. to reduce, to deduct 2. to appropriate in an irregular manner, to extort

GIYEI TIYEI announcement

GIYEI UCURI Kalpa; cf. g'alab

GIYEN indigo

GIYEN GASHA Chinese blue and white flycatcher (Cyanoptila cyanomelana)

GIYEN LAMUN indigo blue

GIYENGGE see cunggur niyehe

GIYENGGE CECIKE see jirha cecike

GIYOB SEME (onom.) the sound of an arrow flying close by

GIYOGIYAN see giogiyan

GIYOHOLOMBI to rage, to rave

GIYOHOMBI see giohombi

GIYOK SEME with a bang, with a crash

GIYOLO the crown of the head

GIYOLO I ЉURDEN the swirling of a sword above the head while dancing

GIYOMO the third note in the classical pentatonic scale

GIYONG SEME (onom.) the sound made by the wings of a phoenix in flight

GIYOO a type of dragon

GIYOOCAN a practice field for archery

GIYOOSE see giyose

GIYOOSI teacher, instructor

GIYOR SEME (onom.) the sound made by the belly growling when one is

hungry, borborygmus

GIYOROBUMBI to be beaten into unconsciousness

GIYOROMBI (-ko) to lapse into unconsciousness (from a beating)

GIYOS SEME with a bang

GIYOSE a type of meat pastry, a meatfilled dumpling

GIYUN a measure of weight equivalent to thirty catties GO a golden neck ornament worn by married women at court ceremonies

GOBI desert, wasteland

GOBIMBI to hew, to chop

GOBOLOBUMBI cans. of gobolombi

GOBOLOMBI 1. to fail, to be unsuccessful, to miss, to lack 2. to alight on a tree (of pheasants)

GOCI MOO the Chinese scholar tree (Sophora japonica)

GOCI TATA restless, unsettled

GOCIHIYAЉAMBI see gūwacihiyaљambi

GOCIKA pertaining to the imperial bodyguard

GOCIKA AMBAN Adjutant General, BH IOI

GOCIKA BAYARA Imperial Bodyguard, GH 98, I00

GOCIKA BAYARAI JUWAN I DA Lieutenant of the Imperial Bodyguard, BH I00

GOCIKA HIYA Guard of the Antechamber, BH 99

GOCIKANGGA pertaining to the Imperial Bodyguard

GOCIKANGGA MUKЉAN a mace carried by the Imperial Bodyguard

GOCIKŪ 1. an apron or shirt of armor 2. leggings

GOCIMA drawer

GOCIMA DERE a table with drawers, a chest of drawers

GOCIMBI (-ka) 1. to draw, to pull, 2. to play a stringed instrument 3. to withdraw (troops) 4. to extract, to press out (oil) S. to fall, to recede (of water), to draw back 6. to become skinny (of horses) 7. to appear, to come out (of a rainbow)

GOCIMBUMBI 1. caus. of gocimbi 2. to suffer cramps 3. to freeze solid


GOCINGGA BŪREN a long horn made from wood, a wood-wind instrument

GOCINGGA MŪDAN the entering tone of Chinese

GOCISHŪDAMBI to be modest, to act modestly

GOCISHŪN modest, humble

GOCIЉAMBI to shrink back, to draw back

GODOHON erect, tall and straight

GODOHON ILIBUMBI to set up straight

GODOMBI to leap high out of the water (of fish)

GODOMIMBI to mumble to oneself

GODONDUMBI/GODONUMBI to leap high out of the water (of many fish)

GODOR SEME mumbling, chattering

GODORI leaping up suddenly, all at once

GODORILAMBI to leap up, to spring up

GOFOHO a snare for catching small birds in trees

GOFOHOLOMBI to be intertwined, to be entangled

GOFOLOKO a wooden lantern holder placed on a rafter

GOHO 1. elegant, dainty, adorned 2. fop, dandy

GOHODOMBI to adorn oneself, to make up

GOHOLOBUMBI caus. of goholombi

GOHOLOMBI to hook, to put on a hook

GOHON a hook

GOHON I JIHA SELE three iron rings on the leather strap of a quiver

GOHONGGO having a hook, provided with hooks, hook-shaped

GOHONGGO ЉUJAHAN a hook for holding a window or a plaque

GOHONGGO WASE a hook-shaped tile at the corners of a roof

GOHOROMBI (-ko) to bend (v.1.), to form the shape of a hook, to curl (v.1.)

GOHOЉOMBI 1. to hook in 2. to take amiss, to get entangled in an argument

GOHOTO a wooden cylinder used for rolling or pounding grain

GOHU see goho

GOIBUMBI caus./pass. of goimbi

GOICUKA 1. hindering, in the way 2. attention drawing, out of the ordinary 3. to the point, appropriate

GOICUKA AKŪ unhindered, without obstacle

GOICUKA BA hindrance, obstacle

GOIDABUMBI caus. of goidambi

GOIDAMBI to last for a long time, to endure

GOIDAHAKŪ before long, in a short while

GOIDAME ELGIYEN CALU a granary located in Shantung


GOIHOROMBI (-ko) to be weak in determination, to lack courage

GOIMAN charming, enticing, elegant

GOIMANGGA possessing enticements or charm

GOIMARAMBI to adorn oneself, to make oneself attractive, to entice with one's charms

GOIMBI (-ha) 1. to hit the mark, to strike the target 2. to be struck

(by an arrow) 3. to be hit upon, to become one's turn to do something

GOITO a calk placed on the bottom of snowshoes to prevent slipping

GOITOBUMBI to do in vain

GOJI a crooked finger

GOJIME (sentence particle) only, solely

GOJINGGA see gojinggi

GOJINGGI fast-talking

GOJONG SEME fast and unclear (of speech)

GOJONGGI the same as gojong seme

GOJOR SEME see gojong seme

GOKCI the handle of a plow

GOKJI a molting bird

GOKJIBUMBI caus. of gokjimbi

GOKJIMBI to knot up, to plait, to plait with silk thread

GOKO (onom.) the sound of chickens cackling

GOKSI ceremonial court dress without flared shoulder pieces


GOLAMBI to shoot off an arrow with a flourish of the hand

GOLBON a clothes rack

GOLCEHEN COKO a long-tailed chicken

GOLDEREN a long table used for transacting official business

GOLIN copper, bronze

GOLMIKAN rather long


GOLMIN ASARI DE TUGI FISIN I MUDAN music played in the Hanlin Academy during banquets

GOLMIN FUNGKU a long towel or wiping cloth

GOLMIN JAN a type of long whistling arrow

GOLMIN TEMGETU a small, long, official seal used by petty provincial officials

GOLMIN UNCEHENGGE ЉANYAN BAIBULA the paradise flycatcher; cf.baibula

GOLMISHŪN rather long, longish

GOLO 1. river bed 2. province, district 3. saddlebow

GOLOI AMBAN provincial officials of high rank

GOLOI BEISE feudal prince

GOLOI HAFAN provincial official

GOLOBUMBI caus. of golombi

GOLOCUN frightful

GOLOHOI in a frightened manner

GOLOHON fright

GOLOHON GAIMBI to douse a frightened child with water

GOLOHONJOMBI 1. to be exceedingly frightened 2. to wake up trembling (of children)

GOLOMBI to be startled, to be scared

GOLON TUWA a fire that starts on a cloudy night and causes birds to land

GOLONDUMBI/GOLONUMBI to be startled (of a group)

GOLONGGO pertaining to a province or district

GOLONOMBI to freeze along the banks of a river

GOLOROMBI to go to another province

GOLOTOME SIMNEMBI to take the examination for the degree of provincial graduate

GOLTON the charred remains of a tree after it has been burnt

GOMBI (-ha) to go back on one's word, to break a promise, to renege

GON GAN (onom.) the cry of a goose or swan

GONDOBA see hondoba

GONGGIBUMBI caus. of gonggimbi

GONGGIMBI to send to get

GONGGOHON listless, restless, bored, a listless person

GONGGOHORI plural of gonggohon

GONGGON standing upright (of the gacuha)

GONGGORI with a start

GONGGORI ILIMBI to stand up suddenly with a start

GONJAMBI 1. to take a turn for the worse 2. to regret what one has promised

GORBI MOO sandalwood tree

GORGI clasp on the girth of a horse

GORGIN MOO Amur cork tree (Phellodendron amurense)

GORO 1. far 2. a tree of the Sophora family

GORO AIGAN GABTARA KACILAN an arrow used for long range target shooting

GORO MAFA maternal grandfather

GORO MAMA maternal grandmother

GORO OMOLO daughter's child


GOROKI distant, distant place

GOROKI BE BILURE BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN Department for Receiving Princes of Outer Mongolia, BH 495

GOROKIN a southern barbarian

GOROKINGGE a person from a distant place, a distant place


GOROKON rather far

GOROMILAMBI see goromimbi

GOROMIMBI to do from afar, to go a long distance

GOROMIME BODOMBI to plan from afar

GOROMIME GŪNIMBI to think of from


GOROMIME YABUMBI to go a long distance

GOSIBUMBI caus./pass. of gosimbi

GOSICUKA 1. pitiful 2. lovable

GOSICUKA KENEHUNJECUKE pitiful and suspicious

GOSICUNGGA merciful, compassionate

GOSIHOLOMBI 1. to be bitter 2. to act in a miserable or distressed manner, to be miserable or distressed

GOSIHON 1. bitter 2. miserable, suffering

GOSIHON DUHA the small intestine of a sheep

GOSIHORI a large bitter exotic fruit

GOSIHŪN see gosihon

GOSIMBI 1. to pity, to have mercy 2. to love, to cherish 3. to hurt (of an abrasion)

GOSIHABI few pocks have appeared

GOSIN pity, mercy, love

GOSINDUMBI to love one another

GOSINGGA loving, compassionate,

cherished, beloved

GOSINGGA GUCU a cherished friend

GOSITAMBI to like, to love

GOSLAMBI to release the hand upward after shooting an arrow

GOTOR SEME fast and unclear (of speech); cf. gojong seme

GU 1. father's sister 2. jadeite, nephrite, precious stone

GU DENGJAN ILHA a fragrant red exotic flower that blooms at night

GU DZUNG a type of thin woolen

GU FILEKŪ ILHA an exotic white flower that resembles a hand warmer

GU FIYAHAN gems and tortoise shell, jewels and precious stones

GU HONGGO ILHA a white, bell-shaped, exotic flower

GU I CIKTENGGE FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy

GU I CINCILAN a jade tube used in antiquity for observing the heavens

GU I DEYEN TUGI JEKSENGGE MUDAN music played while wine was offered during great banquets in the palace

GU I YAMUN DE YEBKEN URSE BE ISABURE MUDAN music played while food was served during a banquet at the Hanlin Academy

GU LUJEN the name of one of the imperial chariots

GU NIYANJAN the name of one of the imperial coaches

GU ORHO a type of henbane found in Vietnam and Kwangtung (Hyoscyamus agrestia)

GU SIFIKŪ ILHA short-cluster plantain lily (Hosta glauca)

GU SUJE I HITHEN a ritual vessel for holding jade and silk at sacrifices

GU WEHE unrefined jade, raw jade

GUBCI universal, all, entire

GUBCI ABKAI MUHELIYEN DURUNGGA TETUN a global map of the heavens at the Peking observatory

GUBCI ELGIYENGGE the Hsien-feng reign period, I851-I861

GUBCINGGE universal, whole

GUBSU bud (of a flower), measure word for flowers

GUBULEMBI to grow entangled, to be intertwined

GUCENG jewels worn at the girdle

GUCIHI rival (female)

GUCIHIYEREKU rival, a person who is jealous of another

GUCIHIYEREMBI to be jealous, to be a rival


GUCU friend, comrade, companion

GUCU ARAMBI to treat as a friend, to become friends

GUCU DUWALI a group of friends, a clique

GUCU FALIMBI to make friends

GUCU GARGAN friends and acquaintances, friends

GUCU GIYAJAN attendant in the palace of a prince

GUCULEMBI to make friends, to be friends with

GUCUNG SEME see gojong seme

GUCUSE plural of gucu

GUDEЉEMBI to strike repeatedly with the fist

GUDZ the frame of a fan

GUFAN a precious stone from the state of Lu

GUFU husband of father's sister

GUFUTE plural of gufu

GUGIO black jade

GUGIOI a jade girdle ornament

GUGU GUGU sound used to call chickens

GUGUI see gugioi

GUGUN GASHA a Fukienese bird having a gray head, green wings, blue tail, and red and black feet--possibly a cuckoo

GUGUR SEME stooped, bent over

GUGUREMBI (-ke) to stoop, to be bent over from old age, to shrink up from cold

GUGURЉEMBI to bow before superiors

GUG'AN red jasper

GUHE saltpeter

GUHEREN ILHA an exotic flower with

large leaves, a purple stalk, and sacklike blossoms

GUHŪTUN the name of a sacrificial jade of the Hsia dynasty

GUH'ANG the same as gucenp

GUI turtle, tortoise

GUI HŪWA osmanthus (a small fragrant white flower)

GUIFEI an imperial concubine of the second rank

GUIFUN a ring (for the finger)

GUIGU vigorous, healthy (of an old person

GUIKERI Japanese raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis)

GUILEBUMBI caus. of guilembi

GUILEHE apricot

GUILEHE BOCO apricot-colored

GUILEMBI to invite, to make an appointment, to arrange a meeting

GUILENDUMBI to invite one another

GUILENEMBI to go to invite

GUILENJIMBI to come to invite

GUILERI a type of apple (Malus prunifolia)

GUINI the name of a constellation

GUINI TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner depicting the constellation guini

GUIOI a high quality nephrite

GUISE cabinet, chest, counter

GUJEHE the name of the cuckoo in Kiangtung

GUJIRI ILHA the passion flower

GUJUNG 5EME assiduously, concentrated, diligently

GUKDU GAKDA with ups and downs, uneven, unlevel

GUKDUHUN a rise, a high place

GUKDUN JOFOHORI tangerine (Citrus nobilis)
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