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AJIGE NINGGE ERЉEMBI to get the measles

AJIGE NIYO COKO a small pewit

AJIGE SURI a type of silk

AJIGE ЉUЉERI Peucedanum graveolens

AJIGE ЉAHŪRUN one of the twenty-four solar divisions of the year--the sixth or seventh of January

AJIGE ЉOЉOBUN small summary--one of the parts of a formal essay

AJIGE TACIKŪ elementary school


AJIGEN 1. young, small 2. a youth

AJIGEЉI plural of ajigen

AJILABUMBI caus. of ajilambi

AJILAMBI 1. to remove the chaff 2. to tan

AJIN sturgeon

AJIRGALAMBI to cover (as a mare by a stallion)

AJIRGAN a male horse, donkey, camel, or dog

AJIRGAN ЉOGI an edible wild grass with prickles on its leaves, thistle

AJIRHALAMBI the same as ajirgalambi

AJIRHAN the same as ajirgan.

AJIRKA didn't recognize, confused (an acquaintance)

AJIЉI a fruit in the shape and size of the little finger that tastes like a persimmon

AK an interjection of sudden surprise

AKA NIYEHE loon, dabchick

AKABUMBI 1. caus. of akambi 2. to sadden, to bring grief to, to make suffer

AKABURU an oath: may grief come upon you!

AKACUKA sad, pitiful, grievous

AKACUN sadness, grief

AKAMBI (-ka) to be sad, to grieve

AKAME GECEHE the ice has frozen all the way to the bottom

AKCUHIYAN brittle, sensitive, fragile

AKDABUMBI caus. of akdambi

AKDACUKA dependable, trustworthy,believable

AKDACUN 1. trust, trustworthiness, 2. what one depends on, livelihood

AKDACUN AKŪ not dependable, doubtful

AKDAMBI to depend on, to trust

AKDAN trust

AKDANDUMBI to trust or depend on one another

AKDUKAN rather dependable, reliable, firm

AKDULABUMBI caus. of akdulambi

AKDULAMBI 1. to protect, to guarantee, to defend, to fortify 2. to promise 3. to recommend

AKDULARA BITHE a letter of guarantee


AKDULANDUMBI/AKDULANUMBI to fortify or defend together, to promise together, to recommend together

AKDUN 1. firm, strong, dependable (for akdan)

AKDUN ACANGGA a pass consisting of two matching pieces used for admittance to a city at night

AKDUN GIRDAN a silken pennant on which the word akdun was embroidered

AKDUN JURGANGGA SARGAN JUI a woman who after the death of her husband does not remarry

AKDUN ЉARGAN JUI a woman who does not remarry after her husband's death

AKDUN TEMGETU credentials used by an imperial envoy

AKDUNGGA firm, solid, enduring

AKDUNGGA FURDAN solid gateway

AKE interjection used when touching something hot

AKIYA river perch; cf. kiyakū

AKIYABUMBI 1. caus. of akiyambi 2. to dry, to smoke

AKIYAMBI to dry up

AKIYAME GECEHE frozen to the bottom

AKIYAN NIMAHA a fish frozen into the ice

AKJABA false hellebore (Veratrum nigrum)

AKJAMBI (-ka) to thunder

AKJAMBULU flying squirrel

AKJAN thunder

AKJAN DARIMBI thunder roars

AKJAN I ADALI DURGIMBI to roar like thunder

AKJUHIYAN 1. easy to anger 2. brittle, crisp; cf. akcuhiyan

AKSABUMBI 1. caus. of aksambi 2. to frighten (off)

AKЉALAMBI to be startled

AKЉAMBI (-ka) to be shy, to be retiring, to hide because of fear

AKЉARA ЉIRGA 'a shy deer'--metaphor for someone who is shy

AKЉAMBUMBI see aksabumbi

AKЉARGAN a belt on which a quiver is fixed

AKAMBI (-ka) to become rancid, to become spoiled

AKЉAN water plants left hanging on trees after a flood recedes, branches and plants floating on the surface of water, flotsam, decayed matter

AKAN TAHA GESE like left-behind driftwood

AKЉANTAMBI to smell of decaying matter

AKЉULABUMBI caus./pass. of akљulambi

AKЉULAMBI to slander, to revile

AKЉUN 1. slanderous 2. rancid, spoiled

AKЉUN BE an oath used to revile a person

AKSUN DA gullet, throat

AKŪN GISUN slanderous words, slander

AKTA gelding

AKTA UЉE girth

AKTALABUMBI caus. of aktalambi

AKTALAKŪ MOO a horizontal wooden support over a door or window

AKTALAMBI 1. to straddle, to span 2. to castrate

AKTALIYAN saddlebag

AKŪ particle of negation: there is not, there are not, doesn't exist, isn't here (there)

AKŪ OHO died

AKŪI TEN same as amba ten: the great ultimate--the ultimate principle of the universe

AKŪMBI to die

AKŪMBUMBI to endeavor, to exert to the utmost, to do one's best, to fulfill

AKŪMI clothes made of fish skin

AKŪN akū plus the interrogative particle -n

AKŪNAMBI to reach (the opposite shore), to go to the end

AKŪNAME everywhere, all over, all around

AKŪNARAKŪ BA AKŪ utterly complete, there is nothing that isn't reached or completed

AKŪNGGE that which is not, that which doesn't exist

AKŪNJIMBI to arrive at this shore, to come to this side

AKŪTALA until nothing is left

ALA a hill with a level top

ALA GASHA a name for the pheasant

ALA ULHŪMA the same as ala gasha

ALA ЉALA tenderly, affectionately

ALABUMBI caus. of alambi

ALAJAN collarbone, clavicle

ALAKDAHA for alakdahan

ALAKDAHA AЉU a net for catching the jerboa

ALAKDAHAN five-toed jerboa (Allactaga sibirica)

ALAMBI 1. to tell, to report 2. to wrap with birch bark

ALAMIMBI to carry across the back

ALAN 1. birch bark 2. the shoulder and breast parts of armor

ALAN EREMBI to peel off birch bark

ALAN WEIHU birchbark canoe

ALANAMBI to go to report

ALANDUMBI/ALANUMBI to report together

ALANGGIBUMBI caus. of alanggimbi

ALANGGIMBI to send to report

ALANJIMBI (imperative alanju) to come to report

ALARAME along a low hill

ALARI ILHA mountain vermilion (Ixora chinensis)

ALAЉAN 1. a nag 2. a person who uses his strength to no avail

ALBABUN tribute, tribute products

ALBALAMBI to awe, to intimidate

ALBAN 1. public service 2. official, public, fiscal 3. tax, duty, tribute

ALBAN BOOI TURIGEN I NAMUN Office for Collecting Rent of Confiscated Property, BH 82

ALBAN CAGAN official commission, official document

ALBAN DE YABUMBI to go to an official post

ALBAN GAIMBI to collect tax or duty

ALBAN HALAN AKŪ unfortunately

ALBAN I BUMBI to provide at public expense

ALBAN I UЉIN I BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN a section in the Board of Works concerned with military colonists

ALBAN JAFAMBI to present tribute

ALBAN JAFANJIMBI to bring tribute

ALBAN KAMBI to go out on an official errand

ALBAN ЉULEHEN duties and taxes

ALBAN TACIKŪ School of the Imperial Household, BH 87

ALBAN TACIKŪI JUSE students of the above school

ALBAN WEILEMBI to do official work

ALBANI CECE silken gauze offered as tribute

ALBANI LAMUN HOOЉAN a kind of blue paper used for making borders

ALBANI ЉUJE silk offered as tribute

ALBASI functionary, the person on duty

ALBATU rough, coarse, common, ordinary

ALBATUKAN rather coarse

ALBATULAMBI to act or speak coarsely

ALCU the concave side of a gacuha

ALDA a half-grown pig

ALDAHI AHŪN DEO second cousins

ALDAKŪ a wall placed behind the targets

on an archery field

ALDANGGA distant (in relationship)

ALDANGGA DALAN a dike built far from a shore

ALDANGGA MUKŪN distant clan

ALDANGGAI distantly, from a distance

ALDANGGAKAN rather distant

ALDARKAN death before the nineteenth year, a premature death

ALDASI halfway, midway, short-lived, cut off midway, premature (death)

ALDASI WAJIMBI to die young

ALDASILAMBI to turn back or stop half-way, to be incomplete, to die young

ALDUNGGA strange, queer, uncommon, uncanny, ghostly

ALGA same as alha

ALGAN a net for catching quail

ALGIDAMBI to praise, to extol

ALGIMBI (-ka) to be famous, to become known

ALGIMBUMBI caus. of algimbi

ALGIN 1. fame 2. the male otter; cf. hailan

ALGINDAMBI to praise, to laud

ALGINGGA famous, well-known

ALGINGGA JUBENGGE boastful, ostentatious

ALGINTU famous

ALGIЉAMBI 1. to be respected, to be well known 2. to boast, to put on airs

ALGIYABUMBI caus. of algiyambi

ALGIYAMBI to skim the fat from the top of soup

ALHA 1. many colored, variegated, mottled 2. satin in which the woof and the warp are of different colors 3. a horse of more than one color 4. see elhe alhai

ALHA BULHA many colored, splendid

ALHA UIHE BERI a bow made from spotted buffalo horn

ALHABUMBI 1. caus. of alhambi 2. at a shamanistic performance, to gather a crowd around so that by their shouting a trance may be induced in the shaman

ALHACAN mottled

ALHACAN NIYEHE falcated teal (Eunetta falcata)

ALHACAN ULHŪMA the small ring-necked pheasant

ALHAMBI to go into a trance (of a shaman)

ALHANGGA spotted, speckled

ALHANGGA .ANAHŪN MOO spotted nanmu wood

ALHARI spotted, variegated

ALHARI COKO a type of variegated Fukienese pheasant

ALHARI NIYEHE a type of white spotted duck

ALHATA scattered, dispersed, mixed, variegated

ALHATA SŪWALIYATA mixed, variegated

ALHATA YALI pork in which strips of lean and fat alternate

ALHATANAMBI to become spotted or mottled

ALHATU spotted, variegated

ALHURU DUDU a dove with a yellow spotted back

ALHŪDABUMBI caus. of alhūdambi

ALHŪDAMBI to imitate, to pattern after

ALHŪDAN pattern, model

ALHŪDANGGA pertaining to a pattern or model

ALHŪDANJIMBI to come to imitate

ALHŪDANUMBI to imitate one another

ALHŪJI MAMA an ugly old lady spirit

ALHŪWA membrane (particularly the membrane on the heart or liver), the cornea of the eye, bamboo membrane

ALHŪWA BURIMBI to form a cataract on the eye

ALHŪWA YALI diaphragm

ALIBUMBI 1. caus. of alimbi 2. to present (a document to a superior), to offer

ALIBUME WESIMBURE BITHE a congratulatory letter presented to the throne

ALIBURE BITHE ICIHIYARA KŪNGGERI section concerned with handling officials' leave permits and other petitions

ALIBURE BUKDAN a sort of name card used by lower officials and students

ALIBUN a petition

ALIBUNJIMBI to come to present

ALIGAN support, retainer, base

ALIHAN a strip of lining along the hem of an unlined garment

ALIKIYARI a type of small green parrot

ALIKŪ a tray, the tray used for weighing on a scale, the lower millstone

ALIKŪLAMBI to put on a scale, to put on a millstone

ALIMBAHAMBI to be able to bear

ALIMBAHARAKŪ 1. intolerable, insupportable 2. greatly, exceedingly

ALIMBI 1. to receive, to accept 2. to undertake 3. to endure 4. to support, to hold up, to stop up (a leak) 5. to take a falcon on the hand

ALIFI BAICARA AMBAN Senior President of the Censorate, BH 207A

ALIFI BOЉORO FALGANGGA Office of Incitement, BH 493.4

ALIFI DASARA HAFAN District Magistrate, BH 856


Commissioner of the Transmission Office, BH 928

ALIFI KADALARA AMBAN Presiding Controller of the Imperial Clan Court, BH 57


ALIFI TACIBURE HAFAN Departmental Director of Schools, BH 851A-6

ALIHA AMBAN President of a Board, BH 276

ALIHA BITHEI DA Grand Secretary, BH 131

ALIHA COOHA a Manchu or Mongol cavalryman

ALIHA DA an abbreviation of aliha bithei da

ALIHA HAFAN Director; cf. BH 933, 934

ALIHA NIYALMA steward, manager


ALIME GAIMBI to accept, to receive

ALIN mountain

ALIN BIRA GIYALABUMBI to be separated by mountains and rivers

ALIN CIBIRGAN mountain swallow

ALIN EFIMBI for a mirage to appear on a mountain

ALIN I BETHE the foot of a mountain

ALIN I BOSO the shady or north side of a mountain

ALIN I CAI ILHA sasanqua

ALIN I CECIKE 'mountain sparrow'--probably Passer rutilans

ALIN I EBCI slope of a mountain

ALIN I HISY steep area on a mountain

ALIN I JUKIDUN Chinese blue magpie (Urocissa erythroryncha)

ALIN I MUDAN curves of a mountain, a winding mountain road

ALIN I OFORO mountain ridge

ALIN I SAIHA slope under the peak of a mountain

ALIN I SAKSAHA Asiatic blue magpie (Cyanopolius cyaneus)

ALIN I ULHŪMA Reeve's pheasant; cf. nikan ulhūma

ALIN I WAI a hidden spot among the curves and turns of a mountain

ALIN JAKARAHA the mountains have become distinct at dawn

ALIN JALGANGGA MOO tree of heaven (Ailanthus glandulosa)

ALIN ULEJEMBI there is a landslide

ALIN YADALI CECIKE thrush (Garrulax davidi)

ALINJIMBI to come to accept

ALIOI the yang tones of the major scale

ALIOI HŪWALIYASI Chief Musician, BH 389-1

ALIRAME along a mountain

ALISUN grain that has sprouted from lost or abandoned seeds

ALIЉABUMBI caus. of aliљambi

ALIЉACUKA depressing

ALIЉAMBI (-ka) to be listless, to be bored, to be unhappy, to worry

ALIЉAME KENEHUNJEMBI to tarry, to be uncertain, to be undecided

ALIЉATAMBI to be deeply depressed

ALITUN a small table for offerings

ALIYABUMBI caus. of aliyambi

ALIYACUN 1. regret 2. waiting

ALIYAKIYAMBI to linger, to pace back and forth while waiting, to slow one's pace to allow someone to catch up

ALIYAMBI 1. to regret 2. to wait

ALIYASUNGGA patient, long-suffering

ALJABUMBI 1. caus. of aljambi 2. to banish, to make leave, to exorcise

ALJAMBI 1. to leave 2. to lose (color) 3. see angga aljambi

ALKŪN the gait of a horse or other livestock

ALKŪN AMBA wide-gaited

ALMIN INDAHŪN a dog with a long muzzle

ALŪN INDAHŪN a dog with a short muzzle

AMA father, head of the household

AMAGA afterwards, later, future

AMAGA ENEN descendant

AMAGA INENGGI later, a later day

AMAGA JALAN later generation, posterity

AMAGANGGE that which is later

AMAHA the same as amaga

AMAKA husband's father

AMALA 1. behind 2. after, later

AMALA FIYANJILAMBI to form a rear guard, to cover the rear

AMALA OBUMBI to set aside

AMALA TUTAMBI to leave behind

AMARGI 1. back, behind 2. north

AMARGI COLHON I KIRU a banner with Mt. Heng depicted on it

AMARGI FALGANGGA Fifth Subdepartment of the Imperial Equipage Department, BH 122

AMARGI FISEMBUHE BOO a building behind the main house

AMARGI FIYENTEHE the concluding section of the body of a formal essay

AMARGI JUWERE JEKUI KŪNGGERI a bureau of the Board of Revenue concerned with transporting grain from the south (Yun-nan) to the north

AMARGI NAHAN the hang on the north side of the room

AMARGINGGE 1. that which comes after

2. afterbirth 3. pertaining to the north

AMARI after, afterwards

AMARIMBI to fall behind

AMASI 1. backward, to the back, toward the back 2. after, henceforth

AMASI BUMBI to sacrifice to the Big Dipper

AMASI DUSHUMBI to draw the right hand back forcefully (in archery)

AMASI JULESI backwards and forwards

AMATA plural of ama

AMBA big, great, vast, important

AMBA AJIGE large and small (size)

AMBA BAYARA guard division; cf. BH 734

AMBA BEIKŪWEN one of the twenty-four solar divisions of the year falling on January twentieth or twenty-first

AMBA DORO imperial rule

AMBA DULIN a majority

AMBA DUWALINAHA one of the six tones of the major scale

AMBA ELHE NIYANJAN an imperial chariot drawn by six men

AMBA ELIOI one of the six tones of the minor scale


AMBA GARMA a large yellow mosquito

AMBA HALHŪN one of the twenty-four divisions of the solar year falling on August twenty-third or twenty-fourth

AMBA HIYOOЉUN the filial piety of the emperor

AMBA HIYOOЉUNGGA supremely filial--an epithet of the emperor

AMBA HOLBONGGO HOOЉAN paper used for making money that is burned as a sacrifice

AMBA HOЉO the inner corner of the eye

AMBA HŪWALIYAMBURE DEYEN the main throne hall of the Peking palace

AMBA IJA horsefly

AMBA KOOLINGGA HAFAN Compiler of the Second Class, BH 200B

AMBA KUMUN music played when the emperor retired to his private chambers after a banquet

AMBA LAMPA great chaos

AMBA MUKE a flood

AMBA MURU 1. probably, generally, in outline, approximately 2. sketch, outline

AMBA NIMANGGI one of the twenty-four divisions of the solar year falling on the seventh or eighth of December

AMBA SARGAN the first or chief wife

AMBA SURI a type of rough silk

AMBA ЉAHŪRUN one of the twenty-four divisions of the solar year falling on the twentieth or twenty-first of January

AMBA ЉOGE a fifty-ounce silver ingot

AMBA ЉOЉOBUN great summary--the last part of a formal essay

AMBA TACIN Mahayana (Buddhism)

AMBA TEN the great ultimate--the ultimate principle of the universe


AMBA YABUNGGA title for a deceased emperor

AMBA YALI meat offered and eaten at a sacrifice

AMBA YOLONGGO JAHŪDAI a type of fast war junk

AMBAKALIYAN rather large, somewhat big

AMBAKAN rather big, a person who is rather large

AMBAKASI plural of ambakan

AMBAKI haughty, proud, pompous

AMBAKILAMBI to act haughtily

AMBALINGGŪ 1. huge, imposing, impressive, grand 2. dignified


AMBALINGGŪ MUNGGAN the mausoleum of the K'ang-hsi emperor

AMBAN 1. high official, dignitary 2. same as amba

AMBAN I MANAMBI 1. to be carried out carelessly 2. (the month) has thirty days

AMBARAMBI to do on a large scale

AMBARAME GIYANGNARA HAFAN an official charged with explaining the classics to the emperor

AMBARAME SIMNEMBI to hold the tri-yearly examination in the capital

AMBARAME WECERE WECEN the sacrifice offered every five years by the emperor to all the imperial ancestors

AMBASA 1. plural of amban 2. rather large

AMBASA SAISA a worthy, wise man, a true gentleman

AMBU mother's elder sister

AMBUHAI AMBUHAI unintentionally

AMBULA greatly, widely, very, much

AMBULA ASARARA FIYENTEN Department of the Privy Purse, BH 77

AMBULA BEIKŪWEN extremely cold

AMBULA IKTAMBURE NAMUN the name of an armory under the

Board of Works

AMBULAKAN rather greatly, rather much

AMBUMA mother's elder sister's husband

AMBUMBI to overtake and catch

AMBUTA plural of ambu

AMCABUMBI caus./pass. of amcambi

AMCADAMBI see amcatambi

AMCAKŪЉAMBI 1. to follow, to pursue 2. to interrogate, to question 3. to investigate

AMCAMBI 1. to pursue, to chase, to catch up to 2. to hurry, to rush 3. to act in retrospect, to act posthumously 4. to review (a case) 5. dobori be amcame 'under cover of darkness' 6. to take advantage of 7. to make up for gambling losses

AMCAME FUNGNEMBI to enfeoff post-humously

AMCAME GEBU BUMBI to give a name posthumously

AMCAME GŪNIMBI to think back in retrospect

AMCARAKŪ can't make it on time, unable to meet a deadline

AMCANAMBI to go to pursue, to rush (over)

AMCANGGA pertaining to pursuit

AMCANGGA JAHŪDAI the name of a type of large warship

AMCANJIMBI to come to pursue, to come pursuing, to catch up with

AMCATAMBI 1. to strive to overtake 2. to speak before someone else has a chance to 3. to overstep one's competence

AMDA MŪЉIHI 1. just sufficient 2.lacking in feeling, indifferent

AMDULABUMBI caus. of amdulambi

AMDULAMBI to paste, to glue

AMDUN glue, paste, birdlime

AMDUN BILCAMBI to spread glue

AMGABUMBI 1. caus. of amgambi 2. to put to bed

AMGACUMBI to sleep together

AMGAMBI to sleep

AMGANAMBI to go to sleep

AMHA wife's father

AMHABUMBI same as amgabumbi

AMHACAMBI same as amgacambi

AMHAMBI same as amgambi

AMHAN same as amha

AMHANAMBI same as amganambi

AMHŪLAN a whistle

AMIDA aspen tree


AMIHŪN realgar

AMILA the male of fowl

AMILAMBI 1. to anoint a Buddhist icon's eyes with blood and thereby impart life to it 2. to grasp the cantle of a saddle

AMILAME CASHŪN FIYELEMBI to vault backwards grasping the cantle of a saddle

AMIN cantle

AMJI father's elder brother

AMJITA plural of amji

AMSU food presented to the emperor

AMSU I DA Chief Trencher-Knight, BH 91

AMSU IBEBUMBI to set food before the emperor

AMSULAMBI to dine (used for the emperor)

AMSUN wine and food offerings to a deity

AMSUN DAGILARA BOO the place where wine and food offerings were prepared

AMSUN I DA official in charge of preparing offerings of food and wine

AMSUN I JANGGIN an official concerned with the preparation of offerings of food and wine

AMSUN I YALI meat used as an offering to a deity

AMSUN JAFAMBI to prepare a food or wine offering

AMTALAMBI to test, to try (food), to taste

AMTAN 1. taste, smell 2. interest

AMTAN ACABUMBI to flavor, to add seasoning

AMTAN AKŪ 1. tasteless 2. uninteresting

AMTAN BAHAMBI to acquire a taste

AMTAN DOЉIMBI to be satisfied with, to be pleased with

AMTAN GAIMBI to take a taste

AMTAN SIMTEN taste, flavor

AMTAN SIMTEN AKŪ listless, bored

AMTAN TUHEMBI to lose taste, to lose interest

AMTANGGA 1. tasty, delicious, 2. enjoyable, interesting, fun

AMTANGGAI pleasurably

AMTAЉAMBI to taste continually or often

AMTUN a type of ancient sacrificial vessel

AMU 1. father's elder brother's wife, mother's sister 2. sleep 3. the pancreas of a pig

AMU GAIMBI to take a nap

AND GETEMBI to awake from sleep

AMU MANGGA very sleepy

AMU SEKTU sleeping lightly

AMU SUREKE wide awake after waking up

AMU SUWALIYAME half asleep, having a sleepy aspect

AND ЉABURAMBI to become sleepy

AMURAN fond of, intent on, good at,


AMURANGGA devotee, one who is fond of something

AMŪRGAN a type of fine-grained, yellow wood used to make arrow shafts

AMŪRTU SARLA a swift gray horse

AMUTA plural of amu

AN usual, ordinary, common

AN AKŪ irregular, unusual

AN BE TUWAKIYAMBI to follow what is customary

AN CIKTAN I TANGGIN a hall where the emperor gave instruction or lectured

AN I as usual, as customary

AN I BAITA an everyday matter

AN I GISUN saying, proverb

AN I GU ordinary jade

AN I JERGI ordinary, usual

AN I ŪCŪRI usually, ordinarily

AN I WESIMBŪRE BITHE a memorial dealing with a private matter that did not have the official seal attached

AN JERGI see an i jergi

AN KEMUN rule, common practice, custom

AN KOOLI custom, usage

AN WEHE whetstone

ANABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of anambi 2. to yield to, to be defeated

ANABŪRE ETERE victory and defeat, loss and gain

ANAFU garrison, border garrison

ANAFU COOHA garrison troops

ANAFULABŪMBI caus. of anafulambi

ANAFULAMBI to garrison, to guard a frontier

ANAGAN 1. excuse, pretext 2. intercalary

ANAGAN ARAMBI to make an excuse or pretext

ANAGAN I BIYA the intercalary month

ANAHŪN MOO nanmu tree (Machilus nanmu.)

ANAHŪNGGA GŪRUNG an emperor's coffin

ANAHŪNJAMBI to be yielding, to be humble, to be modest, to yield to

ANAHŪNJAN modesty, reticence

ANAHŪNJANGGA modest, humble, reticent

ANAKŪ 1. key 2. pretext

ANAKŪ AKAMBI to make an excuse, to use a pretext

ANAKŪ FA a sliding window

ANAKŪ JUI a child born after its father is dead

ANAKŪ SEJEN a one-wheeled pushcart

ANAKŪI DA Keeper of Palace Keys, BH 108

ANAMBI 1. to push 2. to urge, to prompt 3. to extend (a date or a deadline) 4. to appoint 5. to make excuses, to blame others 6. to push wider (a battue)

ANAME 1. even: ama (ci) aname 'even father'; . . . ci aname . . . de isitala 'from . . . to . . .' 2. in order, in sequence, one after another, one by one

ANAMELIYAN with the chest protruding

ANAMI a grown Manchurian elk; cf.kandahan

ANAN 1. an imperial carriage 2. pushing, urging 3. sequence

ANAN I in turn, successively

ANAN I SILGASI a graduate promoted to a position that became vacant yearly

ANAN ЉŪKIN obsequious, timid, lacking in self-confidence

ANANGGA 1. a pretext 2. having a pretext

ANASHŪN flexible, yielding

ANATAMBI 1. to push together or repeatedly 2. to put off (until),to procrastinate 3. to refuse

ANCU HIYAN a type of fragrant grass burnt at sacrifices


ANCULAN GŪWARA same as ancun gūwara

ANCUN earring, ear pendant

ANCUN GŪWARA probably the North China eagle owl (Bubo bubo)

ANCUN I BOHORI decorations of gold, coral, or some other precious material attached to ear pendants

ANCUN ILHA a type of jasmine


ANCURAHI gilded leather; cf. gina

ANDA a sworn brother, bosom friend, friend from childhood

ANDA JAFAMBI to swear an oath of brotherhood

ANDA SADUN friends and in-laws

ANDA SAIKAN really good, very good

ANDAHALAMBI to be ashamed, to become ashamed

ANDAHAЉAMBI to turn red from embarrassment

ANDALA on the way, midway, halfway

ANDALA GIYAMUN a post-station along the route

ANDAN an instant, a moment

ANDANDE suddenly, in an instant, at once

ANDARAMBI to be shy of strangers (said of children)

ANDARGI same as adaki

ANDASI halfway, half of the way

ANDŪBŪMBI to distract a person from his worries, to get away from one's cares

ANDUHŪRI indifferent, coldhearted, unfriendly

ANDUHŪRILAMBI to treat (a person) coldly

ANFU a garrison, a border post; cf.anafu

ANFULAMBI same as anafulambi

ANG the sound made by camels and donkeys, a scream used in battle

ANG SEME AFAMBI to attack while shrieking war whoops

ANGGA 1. mouth 2. opening, hole 3. pass, gate

ANGGA ACAMBI to testify in court

ANGGA AIFUMBI to break one's word

ANGGA AKЉUN abusive, slanderous

ANGGA ALJAMBI to promise, to agree to

ANGGA ARAMBI to acknowledge orally

ANGGA BAHAMBI to obtain a confession

ANGGA BAIBI MIOSIRI MIOSIRILAMBI to have a slight smile on one's face constantly

ANGGA BAIMBI to interrogate (a criminal)

ANGGA CAKCAHŪN tight-mouthed, hard to control (of horses)

ANGGA CIRA tight-mouthed (of horses)

ANGGA CUKCUHUN lips protruded--an expression of annoyance

ANGGA DE GAMAHA BA AKŪ (liquor) has never touched his lips

ANGGA DE GAMAMBI to touch the lips--said of liquor

ANGGA DUYEN weak-mouthed (of horses)

ANGGA FAKSI clever in speech, glib

ANGGA FECUHUN without appetite

ANGGA FODOROMBI to protrude the lips in annoyance


ANGGA GAKAHŪN with the mouth gaping

ANGGA HETUMBI to make a living, to scrape along, to get by

ANGGA HETUMBUMBI to make a living, to get by

ANGGA HOTOHON having lips that protrude upward

ANGGA I ANAKŪ a pretext for scandal or gossip

ANGGA I HOBO the corner of the mouth

ANGGA ICI not thinking before speaking, fluently, effortlessly (of speech)

ANGGA ISI please try some (said when offering food to a guest)

ANGGA ISIBUMBI to make or let taste first

ANGGA ISIMBI to taste first

ANGGA JAFAMBI 1. to close the mouth 2. to catch a prisoner of war who is to be used as an informer

ANGGA JOHIMBI the opening (of a boil) shrinks and heals

ANGGA LABDAHŪN having lips that hang downward

ANGGA MENTUHUN without feeling in the mouth (of horses)

ANGGA MIMIMBI to close the mouth


ANGGA SONJOMBI to have a craving for odd foods when one is pregnant

ANGGA SULA loose-mouthed (of horses)

ANGGA SULFAMBI to migrate to another place because of an insufficiency of food

ANGGA TUCIMBI to come to a head (of a boil)

ANGGAI ANAKŪ pretext for gossip

ANGGAI DAMBI to blow, to puff

ANGGAI JASIMBI to transmit by word of mouth, to deliver an oral communication

ANGGALA 1. population, persons 2. (postposition) in place of, instead of, rather than, not only

ANGGALAMBI to request, to demand
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