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ANGGALINGGŪ fluent, glib

ANGGARA a large jar, a container for water

ANGGARI JANGGARI all mixed up, in disarray



ANGGASIBUMBI caus. of anggasimbi

ANGGASILAMBI to be a widow, to preserve widowhood

ANGGASIMBI to taste, to try

ANGGATU muzzle for domestic animals

ANGGIR NIYEHE the ruddy sheldrake (Cascara ferruginea)

ANGGIYAN thornback (a type of seafish)

ANGGŪTA 1. muzzle 2. a piece of iron attached to the end of the hilt of a sword

ANIYA year

ANIYA ALIHA GŪSAI SIDEN YAMUN General Headquarters of the Banners, BH 718

ANIYA AKAMBI to celebrate New Year's

ANIYA BIYA the first lunar month


ANIYA HŪSIME for an entire year, a whole year

ANIYA I FE INENGGI the last day of the year

ANIYA INENGGI New Year's day

ANIYA TOME every year

ANIYADARI every year

ANIYAINGGE pertaining to a (certain) year

ANIYALAME for an entire year, a whole year

ANIYANGGA 1. pertaining to a certain year in the twelve-year cycle 2. aged


ANJA plow

ANJIBUMBI caus. of anjimbi

ANJIKŪ hatchet

ANJIMBI to hack, to chop with a hatchet

ANJU meat and fish, animal products, food forbidden to Buddhists

ANJU BELHERE BA a place in the banqueting court where food was prepared for state occasions

ANTA for antaka

ANTAHA guest, stranger


ANTAHA BE TUWAЉATARA BOLGOBURE FIYENTEN department for the reception of foreign guests

ANTAHA I KUREN hostel for foreign envoys

ANTAHALAMBI to entertain

ANTAHARAMBI to be a guest, to act as a guest, to stand on ceremony

ANTAHASA plural of antaha

ANTAHASI a scribe in a military or governmental office

ANTAHAЉAMBI to be a guest

ANTAI same as antaka

ANTAKA how is it? what is it like? what about . . . ? how about . . . ?

ANTARHAN CECIKE one of the names of the sparrow; cf. fiyasha cecike

ANTU the south side of a mountain, the sunny side of a mountain

ANTUHŪRI cold, indifferent

ANWAN sea perch

AO an interjection expressing doubt

AR the sound of calling or shouting

AR SEME shouting loudly

ARA 1. chaff 2. interjection of pain or surprise

ARA FARA an interjection of pain, the sound of expectorating

ARABUMBI caus. of arambi

ARAKE same as ara (as an interjection)

ARAMBI 1. to do, to make 2. to write 3. to feign, to pretend 4. to celebrate 5. to appoint 6. to recognize as an adopted relation

ARAHA adopted, appointed

ARAHA BAYARAI JALAN I JANGGIN an appointed Colonel of the Guards Division, BH 734

ARANDUMBI/ARANUMBI to do, write, etc., together

ARANJIMBI to come to do, write, etc.

ARAЉAN propitious, refreshing

ARAЉAN AGA a seasonable rain, a propitious rain

ARASAN AGANGGA KIRU a gray banner with the symbol of a dragon sewn upon it

ARBUN 1. form, shape, image 2. situation, circumstances

ARBUN BE TUWAME in view of the circumstances, depending upon circumstances

ARBUN DURSUN form, appearance

ARBUN GIRU appearance

ARBUN I ANGGA juncture of two rivers

ARBUN I BA a strategic point

ARBUN MURU situation


ARBUNGGA possessing form, having good form, pertaining to images


ARBUЉAMBI to move, to behave



ARBUTAI in appearance only, for appearance's sake

ARCA BURGA Salix Urbaniana; cf. arsan burga

ARCAMBI to block, to block the way

ARCAN cream, milk thickened with wine and sugar

ARCILAN BURGA same as arca burga

ARDA untried, new, a greenhorn

ARDASHŪN delicate, fragile

ARE an interjection of pain

ARFA barley, grain

ARFA DIB (Sanskrit Yavadvipa 'Isle of Grain') Java

ARFUKŪ fly swatter, fly whisk

ARGA plan, method, plot

ARGA AKU there is nothing one can do about it

ARGA BAIMBI to look for a way

ARGA DERIBUMBI to think up a plan

ARGA JALI plot, deceit

ARGABUMBI caus. of argambi

ARGABUHA DALAN a dike built in the shape of a crescent moon

ARGACAN a large ax

ARGADABUMBI caus. of argadambi

ARGADAMBI to use artifice or cunning (against), to outwit

ARGALI female of Darwin's sheep; cf.uhūlja

ARGAMBI to hunt animals in the mountains using a sickle-shaped battue line, to form a crescent or sickle shape

ARGAN 1. sprout 2. crescent 3. fang, tooth of a saw

ARGAN MUDUN a fine file

ARGAN OЉOHO fangs and claws

ARGANAMBI 1. to form a crescent 2. to germinate, to sprout

ARGANAHA formed a crescent moon

ARGANGGA crafty, cunning

ARGAT same as arhat

ARGAT MOO lohan tree

ARGATU male roe, roebuck; cf. sirga

ARGATU SIRGA same as argatu

ARGIYABUMBI caus./pass. of argiyambi

ARGIYAMBI 1. to peel off, to shave off, to scrape off 2. to graze with a

knife or sword

ARGŪMA SARLA an isabella horse

ARHAT an arhat

ARI 1. an evil spirit 2. a good-for-nothing, a thoroughly mischievous person

ARJAN liquor made from milk, kumiss

ARKAN scarcely, barely, just, just, right

ARKAN KARKAN barely, scarcely

ARKAN SEME scarcely, barely, just, reluctantly

ARKE interjection of pain used when bumping into something

ARKI distilled liquor, strong liquor


ARSALANGGA pertaining to the lion, lionlike

ARSARAKŪ strange, out of the ordinary

ARSARI ordinary, common, everyday, commonplace

ARSARI BANJIMBI to lead an average life

ARSARI ЉANYAN BELE medium quality rice

ARSARI ARAKA half-white, impure white

ARSARI TUWABUNGGA HOOЉAN medium-size paper used for announcements

ARSUMBI (-ka) to sprout, to germinate

ARSUN bud, sprout

ARSUN I CAI tea made of the buds of tea leaves

ARAN BURGA Salix Urbaniana--'big leaf willow'

ARЉU one of the names of the quail; cf. muљu

ARTABUMBI pass. of arcambi

ARTAMBI to delay, to hold up

ARTU a three-year-old horse

ARUN DURUN AKŪ without a trace


ARUN FURUN AKŪ without news

ASAHA FASAHA hurried, rushed, busy

ASANGGI 100 quadrillion, countless, infinite

ASARABUMBI caus. of asarambi

ASARAMBI to put away for safekeeping, to store

ASARI tower, throne room, archive


AMBAN ( 4 - ) Assistant Director of the Library, BH 104B


ASARI I BAITA BE SIRAME KADALARA HAFAN Officials on duty at the Library, BH 104B

ASHA 1. wing 2. anything worn hanging from the belt 3. a piece of iron placed on the back of armor under the shoulder piece

ASHABUKŪ a leather clasp for the belt

AЉHABUMBI caus. of ashambi

ASHAMBI to wear hanging from the belt, to wear hanging from a button on the lapel

ASHARA FUNGKŪ a kerchief carried from the belt

ASHARA ЉUSIHE a wooden plaque worn on the belt that served as identification for an official who wished to enter a walled city after dark

ASHAN 1. side 2. appendage 3. peripheral, subordinate

AЉHAN DA Sub-chancellor of the Grand Secretariat, BH 133 ~~

ASHAN I AMBAN Vice-President of a Board, BH 279

ASHAN I BAICARA AMBAN ( J47) Vice-President of the Censorate, BH 207B, 208

ASHAN I BITHEI DA Sub-chancellor of the Grand Secretariat, BH 133

ASHAN I DUKA a side entrance to the palace


ASHANAMBI 1. to develop wings 2. to become distended on two sides


ASHANGGA MAHALA an old style hat having long black wings on two sides


ASHANGGA YERHUWE a winged ant, flying ant

ASHARGAN a pendant for the belt

ASHŪBUMBI pass. of ashūmbi

ASHŪLAMBI see ashūmbi

ASHŪMBI 1. to draw the right hand back to shoot an arrow or throw a spear 2. to resist, to reject, to fend off (insects)

ASHŪME SINDAMBI to shoot an arrow by drawing the right hand back

ASI very

ASIHA young, small

ASIHAKI having a youthful appearance in spite of one's age

ASIHAN young, youth



ASIHATA plural of asihan

ASIHIYABUMBI caus. of asihiyambi

ASIHIYAMBI to trim off, to pare off, to prune

ASIKALIYAN somewhat small

AЉIKAN somewhat small

ASIKASI someone or something rather small

ASU a net (for catching game)

ASU UKSIN net armor

ASU WEЉEN net for deer and rabbits

ASUCI a hunter who uses a net for catching game

ASUKI a small noise

ASUKI AKŪ noiseless

ASUKI WEI AKŪ without the slightest noise

ASUKILABUMBI caus. of asukilambi

ASUKILABŪRE FU a wall that causes echoes to rebound

ASUKILAMBI to make a small noise

ASUKINGGA noisy, boisterous

ASUMBI to lift up a garment that is too long

ASURI Asura, a demigod who fights with devas in the air

ASURЉAMBI to threaten one another, to provoke one another

ASURU very, exceedingly

ASURU ENCU BA AKŪ not too different

AЉA elder brother's wife

AЉATA plural of aљa

AЉЉABUMBI caus. of aљљambi

AЉЉALAMBI to move slightly, to squirm

AЉЉAMBI to move, to shake, to vibrate


AЉЉAN 1. movement, vibration 2. behavior

AЉЉANDUMBI to move together

AЉUMBI (-ka) to hold in the mouth

AЉUMBUMBI 1. caus. of aљumbi 2. to stick in the mouth

AЉUMBUHA FADU JAN a 'duckbill' whistling arrow

ATAN the point of a fish hook


ATANGGI BICIBE no matter when

ATANGGI OCIBE before long, soon

ATARAMBI to make a commotion, to cause a row; cf. abtarambi

ATMULA one of the names for the Chinese sweet olive (Canarium album)

ATŪ a female fish

ATUHA a male fish

ATUHA DAFAHA a male salmon

ATUHŪN dowry

ATUHŪN FUDEMBI to bring the dowry to the groom's house

AYA 1. interjection of praise or surprise 2. see ai

AYALAMBI 1. to wax, to cover with a wax coating 2. to fester

AYALAHA ILHANGGA HOOЉAN a kind of flowered paper covered with a layer of wax

AYAMBI to flutter, to struggle (like a fish that has taken the hook)

AYAMBŪMBI to captivate, to entice; cf. gisurehei ayambumbi

AYAN 1. large, great 2. wax, candle 3. Manchurian wapiti (Cervus elaphus)

AYAN BUHŪ Manchurian wapiti--see above


AYAN DOBOKŪ candlestick

AYAN EDUN storm wind

AYAN FODOHO purple osier (Salix purpurea)

AYAN GAHA a type of large crow with a white neck

AYAN GINTEHE a tree with green bark, small leaves, and fine wood--good for bows and knife handles

AYAN GURJEN black tree cricket

AYAN HARSA beech marten

AYAN HIYAN the name of grass burnt at sacrifices--rue

AYAN I CALU wax store-house of the imperial household

AYAN I HAFIRAKŪ a candle snuffer

AYAN I NIYAMAN wick (of a candle)

AYAN I NIYAMAN TEBUKU a container for burnt wick ends

AYAN JELKEN a species of weasel


AYAN SILMEN the male of the sparrow hawk

AYAN SUWAYAN truly precious

AYAN ЉUGIRI HIYAN incense made from Indian resin

AYAN TOKTOKU a lantern with a candle in it

AYAN WEHE a shiny smooth stone

AYANTUMBI to soar upwards (of hawks and eagles)

AYAO same as ayoo

AYARA sour milk, buttermilk

AYARI waxlike

AYARI ILHA an exotic yellow flower similar to a plum blossom

AYOO a final particle denoting fear or doubt

BA 1. place 2. local 3. li--a Chinese mile 4. circumstances, occasion, situation, reason, condition, matter

BA ARAMBI to make place, to get out of the way

BA BA everywhere, every place

BA BUMBI to give a place to, to give a portion to

BA DZUNG Sublieutenant, BH 752F

BA I GISUN dialect, local language

BA JIYOO plantain, banana

BA NA territory, land, local


BA NA I NIRUGAN NIRURE BOO department of cartography in the Workshop of the Imperial Household


BA SIYAN DERE a large round dining table

BA SULABUMBI to leave a vacant place

BA WANG hegemon king

BA WANG ASU a kind of net for catching fish

BABACI from everywhere

BABADE everywhere

BABI 1. same as ba bi 2. same as baibi

BABUHAN a five-fingered leather glove for holding falcons

BABŪN 1. handle on a bucket or basket 2. crupper

BABUNGGA having a handle

BACI same as ha ci

BACIHI married while still a child

BACIHILAMBI to be married as a child

BADA dissipation, waste

BADALAMBI to squander, to dissipate, to waste

BADAN dish, tray

BADAR a monk's alms bowl; cf. badiri

BADAR SEME speaking without due deliberation, speaking wildly

BADARAKA abundant, rich

BADARAMBI (-ka) to become wide, to expand, to become larger, to become prosperous

BADARAMBUMBI 1. to enlarge, to expand, to propagate 2. caus./pass. of badarambi

BADARAMBUNGGA magnifying, enlarging


BADARAN enlargement, widening, growth

BADARANGGA DORO the Kuang-hsu reign period, 1875-1908

BADE (postposition) in the case that, if

BADIRI a monk's alms bowl

BADUN a weight measure--ten pecks, a bushel

BADUN JAHUDAI a ship whose stern had the shape of a bushel measure

BADZUNG Sublieutenant, BH 752F

BAGIYAMBI to hold a small child's legs while he urinates or defecates

BAHA perfect participle of bahambi

BAHA BAHAI unintentionally

BAHABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of bahambi 2. to dream 3. to get drunk

BAHAMBI 1. to get, to obtain 2. to be able

BAHACI I hope that . . .

BAHACI TŪTTU if only it were so!

BAHARA SONGKO tracks that show that the prey has been wounded

BAHARAKŪ SONGKO tracks that show that the prey has escaped

BAHANA the central pole of a Mongolian yurt

BAHANAMBI 1. to go to get 2. to be able 3. to experience

BAHANASI connoisseur, expert

BAHANJIMBI to come to get

BAHIYA pine cone

BAI 1. plain, simple 2. for nothing, free, in vain 3. at leisure, unemployed 4. only 5. particle of finality

BAI NIYALMA a man without work or position

BAI TEMBI to live in leisure, to live in retirement

BAI TIYEI BITHE visiting card

BAIBI 1. plain, ordinary 2. for nothing, with no purpose, vainly, simply, merely

BAIBULA the paradise flycatcher (Tersiphone paradisi)

BAIBULAN see baibula

BAIBUMBI 1. caus. of baimbi 2. to require, to need, to use

BAIBUNGGA provisions

BAICABUMBI caus. of baicambi

BAICABURE TEMGETU a certificate of inspection

BAICAMBI to inspect, to examine, to investigate, to survey

BAICAME BEIDERE HAFAN Provincial Judge, BH 830


BAICAME WAKALARA KUNGGERI a section of the Court of tate Ceremonial that was in charge of fixing punishments for officials who failed to pay a courtesy visit to the court after receiving an imperial favor

BAICAN inspection, examination

BAICAN I EJEKU ( dJ - ) Official of the Censorate Chancery, BH 211

BAICANABUMBI caus. of baicanambi

BAICANAMBI to go to inspect

BAICANDUMBI/BAICANUMBI to inspect together

BAICANJIMBI to come to inspect

BAICASI Prefectural Police Inspector, BH 850

BAIDALAMBI to punish by beating

BAIHANABUMBI caus. of baihanambi

BAIHANAMBI to go to search for

BAIHANJIMBI to come to search for

BAIKŪ whore, lewd woman

BAILI kindness, mercy, tenderness

BAILI ISIBUMBI to repay a kindness

BAILI JAFAMBI to repay a kindness

BAILINGGA merciful, kind

BAILISI 1. beneficiary 2. 'one who seeks happiness,' i.e., a Buddhist, Taoist, or shaman

BAIMBI (imperative baisu) to seek, to look for, to wish, to ask for

BAIME SUIMBI to search high and low

BAINDUMBI/BAINUMBI to seek together, to discuss

BAINGGE of a certain place

BAINJIMBI to come to seek, request, etc.

BAISE Chinese cabbage

BAISIN without an official position, at leisure

BAISING settlement, village

BAISU imperative of baimbi

BAITA matter, affair, business, event

BAITA AKŪ free, not busy, it doesn't matter, it's no use, useless

BAITA BE ALIHA HAFAN Vice-governor of Peking, BH 793

BAITA BE DARA FIYENTEN Registry Office of the Imperial Clan Court, BH 63

BAITA BE KADALARA HAFAN Proctor, BH 94, 139, 144, etc.

BAITA BELHEKU Junior Archivist, BH 202


BAITA DE DARA HAFAN Commissary of Records, BH 826

BAITA DE HAMIRAKŪ not in conformity with the matter, doesn't correspond to the matter at hand

BAITA EJERE BOO registration office--the police station of the Peking Gendarmerie

BAITA EJERE HAFAN asecretary of the Wen-yuan-ko

BAITA HACIN I BOO business office of the Board of Finance

BAITA I SEKIYEN a quotation from the statutes

BAITA OBURAKŪ does not treat as a matter of consequence

BAITA SITA matters and affairs

BAITA TUЉAHA NIYALMA a person in charge of a matter

BAITA TUWARA NIYALMA someone in charge of a matter

BAITA WESIMBURE BA Chancery of Memorials to the Emperor, BH 105

BAITAI ICIHIYASI Registrar, BH 64, 117, 212, etc.; cf. baita de dara hafan

BAITAI SARASI Archivist, BH 830A, etc.; cf. BH 506

BAITAI TURGUN the cause of an event

BAITAKŪ same as baita akū; useless

BAITALABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of baitalambi 2. to be employed as an official

BAITALABURE HAFAN a hereditary rank of the seventh grade, BH 944

BAITALAMBI to use, to employ

BAITALAN 1. utilization, use 2. a thing in daily use, a necessity

BAITALAN DE ACABURE NAMUN a storehouse for wax and / incense

BAITANGGA 1. usable, applicable, useful 2. errand boy, handyman, underling

BAITASI official of achancery, BH 211, 212B

BAIŽIN same as baisin

BAJAR SEME filled with many and sundry things

BAJARGI the far shore, the opposite shore

BAJI a little bit (more), a while

BAJI NONGGIMBI to add a little bit more

BAJI OME in a short while

BAJIKAN just a tiny bit (more)

BAJILA on the opposite shore

BAJIMA a little while more

BAJIMASHŪN a while thereafter

BAJU the dregs from arki

BAKALAJI see bakalji

BAKALJI a bone above the hoof of a horse or cow, pastern

BAKCAMBI see bakjambi

BAKCILABUMBI 1. caus./pass. of bakcilambi 2. to put in opposition, to make oppose

BAKCILAMBI to oppose, to sit or stand opposite

BAKCIN the opposite side, opponent, opposite number

BAKCIN AKŪ without match, peerless

BAKCIN WAKA is no match (for)

BAKJA BAKJALAME ILIMBI to rear up and stop (of horses)

BAKJABUMBI caus. of bakjambi

BAKJALAMBI to rear (of horses), to come to a sudden stop

BAKJALAME ILIMBI to come to a sudden stop (of a galloping horse)

BAKJAMBI (-ka) to congeal

BAKSALABUMBI caus. of baksalambi

BAKSALAMBI 1. to tie into bundles 2. to divide (troops) into squads

BAKSAN 1. a bundle 2. a squad, a small group (of troops)

BAKSAN MEYEN the ranks, line (of soldiers)

BAKSANDA leader of a squad

BAKSANGGA 1. an ancient Chinese grain measure equaling eight bushels 2. pertaining to a bundle or squad

BAKSANGGA FICAKŪ a sheng, a classical Chinese wind instrument

BAKSATU Sublieutenant, BH 752F

BAKSI a scholar, a learned man, gentleman

BAKTA the placenta of cattle

BAKTAKŪ the internal organs

BAKTAMBI 1. to contain, to encompass 2. to bear, to endure

BAKTAMBUMBI 1. to be indulgent (toward), to forgive 2. to accept, to put up with, to suffer (misfortune)

BAKTAMBUN 1. forgiveness 2. contents

BAKTAN capacity, contents

BAKTANDAMBI to contain, to hold

BAKTANDARAKŪ doesn't fit, won't go in, unforgivable

BAKTANDARAKŪ ARAHABI put on great airs, posed as something great


BAKTANGGA containing, encompassing


BAKTANGGA IKTANGGA implication, hidden meaning

BALAI blindly, vainly, carelessly, indiscriminately, falsely, unreasonably

BALAI FEMEN vain talk, useless prattling

BALAI ICI SINDAMBI to put something down carelessly, to put just any old place

BALAI ONDOMBI to move blindly, to act to no purpose

BALAKTA clots of blood on an afterbirth

BALAMA 1. mad, crazy 2. (sentence particle) only, just, however, but

BALAMADAMBI to rave, to act crazily

BALBA having poor eyesight

BALCITAMBI to vouch for

BALDA white on the chest of an animal, a pig with white feet; cf. balta

BALDARGAN probably the lesser kestrel (Cerchneis naumanni)

BALDARHAN see baldargan


BALHAMBI to make an offering to the gods to escape from smallpox

BALIYA 1. interjection used when laughing at someone's ineptitude 2. an interjection of pity

BALJUN ghost, apparition, goblin

BALJUN I TUNA ghostly fire, ignis fatuus

BALTA a dog whose nose ridge is white, white hair on an animal's chest, a pig with white feet

BALTAHA the hair under the chin of a sable

BALU blind; see also dogo

BAMBI (-ngka) 1. to be tired, to be lazy, to feel too lazy to do something 2. to gnaw a hole

BAN 1. a troop 2. half

BAN ЉI GUWAN HAFAN attendant in various governmental offices

BANAJE TEBUMBI to have evil spirits driven out by a shaman

BANAJI the earth god

BANAЉI myrtle

BANCAN DUHA the rectum of horses, donkeys, and mules


BANDA HARA knotweed (Polygonum aviculare)

BANDA MAFA the god of hunters

BANDAJIN 1. idler 2. things collected by rodents

BANDAMBI to tire, to become fatigued

BANDAN bench, chair

BANDAN ASU a large fish net attached to a pole and carried by two men

BANDI learned man, pundit

BANDO the shrub Pentapetes phoenicea

BANG bulletin, notice

BANG YAN number two in the palace examination

BANGGUHE myna bird

BANGNAMBI to accuse someone of doing something wrong

BANGSE night watchman's clapper

BANGTU 1. bracket, support for a rafter 2. a cloud-shaped stirrup

BANIHA thanks, gratitude, thank you!




BANIHŪN seriously wounded and sure to be brought down (of game)

BANIHŪNJAMBI to treat kindly

BANILJI wart on a horse's leg

BANIMBI see banjimbi

BANIN form, appearance, shape, nature, essence

BANIN EHE ugly in appearance

BANIN MAFA paternal grandfather

BANIN MAMA paternal grandmother

BANIN SAIN having a good appearance, good-looking

BANIN WEN appearance, aspect

BANINARAKŪ indefatigable

BANINGGA natural, essential, having form

BANIRKE ENIYE stepmother

BANITAI by nature, inborn

BANITAINGGE that which has a nature, being alike by nature

BANJI a game that uses twenty-four black and white pieces on a chessboard

BANJI EFIMBI to play the game of banji

BANJIBUMBI 1. caus. of banjimbi 2. to give birth to, to quicken 3. to compile, to compose, to make up, to form (e.g., a military unit)

BANJIBUME ARARA HAFAN Proofreader, BH 94, 139

BANJIBUME DASAKŪ Compiler of the First Class, BH 200A

BANJIBUN a compendium, a creation, a product

BANJIBUNGGA productive, creative

BANJIMBI 1. to live, to be born, 2. to form, to come into existence, to become

BANJIHA AHUN consanguineous elder brother

BANJIHA AMA natural father

BANJIHA DEO consanguineous younger brother

BANJIHA ENIYE natural mother


BANJIRE SAIN get along well together, on good terms with

BANJIRE URSE people of means

BANJIRE WERE life, livelihood

BANJIME the same as banji

BANJIN appearance, nature, character, livelihood; cf. basin

BANJINAMBI 1. to go to live (at another place) 2. to be reborn 3. to make an appearance, to come about naturally 4. to grow into

BANJINARAKŪ inappropriate (as), unbecoming

BANJINJIMBI to come to live (in a new place)

BANJIRKE step- (as in stepmother, step-father, etc.)

BANJISHŪN having sufficient money or goods to lead a comfortable life

BANJITAI by nature, inborn, naturally; cf. banitai

BANJITAI DALANGGA a natural dike


BANUHŪЉAMBI to be lazy

BAR BAR SEME many people talking together

BAR BIR SEME in profusion, in great quantity, many people talking

BARABUMBI 1. caus. of barambi 2. to mix, to mix among, to mingle together

BARAG'ALANDA the Sanskrit name for the mandarin duck

BARAMBI to mix together, to soak one's rice with soup, to pour soup on rice

BARAMBUMBI see barabumbi

BARAMIDA jack fruit

BARAMIT paramita--the means leading to nirvana

BARAN 1. great number, large quantity, crowd, mass 2. disposition of troops 3. situation, circumstances 4. form, appearance, outline

BARAN AKŪ without any ado, simply, without ceremony

BARANDZA prajna--transcendental knowledge

BARBEHE a name for the myna

BARDANGGI braggart

BARDANGGILAMBI to brag, to boast

BARGIN see Burgin

BARGIYABUMBI caus. of bargiyambi

BARGIYAMBI 1. to store, to preserve, to protect 2. to take in, to receive, to harvest, to gather, to collect 3. to shave both ends of an arrow shaft


BARGIYAHA TEMGETU a confirmation of receipt, a receipt



BARGIYAN collecting, harvest

BARGIYANAMBI to go to collect

BARGIYARALAMBI same as bargiyatambi

BARGIYASHŪN narrowing toward the mouth

BARGIYATAMBI 1. to protect, to take care of 2. to bring together in one place 3. to straighten up, to fix up, to put in order 4. to hold back, to dam up


BARIN female of a beast of prey

BARKIYAMBI to understand, to grasp, to perceive, to notice

BARKIYAKŪ without paying attention, carelessly

BARKIYAME GŪNIHAKŪ without attention, heedlessly, carelessly

BARTANAMBI to become stained by sweat

BARU (postposition) toward

BARUN a full year or month

BASA salary, emolument, recompense

BASA BUMBI to pay a salary to, to give recompense to

BASA WECEMBI to make a thanksgiving offering for rain

BASA WERIMBI to leave a small offering for the gods along the road or in the mountains in thanks for a safe passing

BASAGIYAMBI see basugiyambi

BASAN 1. a girth 2. a wickerwork of willow placed on the roof


BASUBUMBI caus./pass. of basumbi

BASUCUN cause for joking or derision

BASUGIYAMBI see basunggiyambi

BASUMBI to make fun of, to deride, to mock

BASUNGGIYAMBI to talk in one's sleep

BASŪNGGIYARA MANGGA often talks in his sleep

BASUNUMBI to deride together

BAA wife's younger sister

BAЉAKŪ a (fly-) whisk

BAЉAMBI 1. to chase away, to drive off 2. to urge, to press 3. to push (a cart), to drive (a vehicle)

BAЉILAMBI to hit with the fists

BATA enemy

BATAK SEME the sound of something metallic striking the ground

BATALABUMBI caus. of batalambi

BATALAMBI to be an enemy, to oppose

BATANGGA hostile, inimical

BATKALAMBI to deceive, to cheat, to swindle


BATUN incompletely thawed--thawed on the surface but still frozen underneath

BATURU 1. brave 2. hero

BATURU KIYANGKIYAN brave and strong

BATURULAMBI to be brave, to act bravely

BATURUNGGA endowed with courage

BAYABUMBI caus. of bayambi

BAYALAMBI to be happy, to be glad

BAYAMBI (-ka) to be rich, to become rich
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