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DUKAI ENDURI NAMUN a depository in the Board of Works where images of the gate god were stored

DUKAI KIRU a red banner embroidered with the word for gate

DUKAI SENGGELE board placed on each side of a gate

DUKDUHUN raised, elevated, piled up

DUKDUREMBI (-ke) to rise, to swell

DUKDURHUN unlevel, lumpy, raised,

DUKDURЉEMBI to rise up, to form a lump

DUKJIMBI to talk loudly

DUKJIME DURGIMBI to talk loudly

DUKSEMBI (-ke) to blush, to turn red

DUKSI a fruit resembling the wild grape

DUKSUMBI see duksembi

DUKSURSEHUN rough (of terrain)


DULBA careless, inexperienced, foolish (because of a lack of experience)

DULBADAMBI to act carelessly or foolishly

DULBAKAN rather careless, somewhat inexperienced or foolish

DULDURI a pilgrim's staff with nine rings around it

DULE really, in fact, when you come right down to it

DULEBUMBI see dulembumbi

DULEFUN degree of an angle

DULEFUN SANDALABURE DURUNGGA TETUN a sextant of the Peking observatory

DULEMBI (-ke, -ndere/re) I. to pass, to go by 2. to burn

DULEKE ANIYA last year

DULEKE BIYA last month

DULEMBUMBI I. caus. of dubembi 2. to endure, to pass through, to experience 3. to set on fire 4. to cure

DULEMЉEKU negligent, careless, rough

DULEMЉEMBI to act negligently, to act carelessly

DULENUMBI to pass together

DULGA half, half-filled

DULGAKAN a little less than half (filled)

DULIBUMBI caus. of dulimbi

DULIMBA middle, center

DULIMBA BE ALIHA USIHA the stars lambda and mu in the Big Dipper

DULIMBA BE BODORO HAFAN Astronomer for the Mid-year, BH 229

DULIMBA HŪWALIYASUN BOLGONGGO KUMUN music played while food was brought in for a palace banquet

DULIMBA HŪWALIYASUN SIRABUNGGA KUMUN music played while the emperor returned to the palace from a congratulatory ceremony

DULIMBA HŪWALIYASUN ЉOO KUMUN same as the preceding entry

DULIMBA HŪWALIYASUN ЉUNGGIYA KUMUN music played during the offerings at the altars of heaven, earth, and millet, and the Ancestral Temple, and Temple of Confucius

DULIMBA HŪWALIYASUN YA KUMUN the same as the preceding


DULIMBA I TU a banner carried in the center of a battle line

DULIMBA JUGŪN the path leading from the main part of a residence to the main gate

DULIMBA SELE a metal clasp in the middle of a quiver or bow case

DULIMBADE in the midst of

DULIMBAI ELIOI one of the six minor pipes

DULIMBAI FALANGGA central office of the Imperial Equipage Department; cf. BH I09

DULIMBAI FIYENTEHE the central section of a classical essay

DULIMBAI FULHUN one of the six major pipes


DULIMBAI HECEN I BAICARA YAMUN censorate office of the middle city (Peking)

DULIMBAI HECEN I COOHA MORINGGA FIYENTEN police office of the central city

DULIMBAI IRGEN GURUN the Chinese Republic

DULIMBAI SIMHUN the middle finger

DULIMBAINGGE the middle one

DULIMBANGGE same as dulimbaingge

DULIMBI to stay up all night, to watch, to keep a vigil

DULIN half, middle

DUMBI (for tūmbi) to hit, to strike

DUMIN CECIKE a cuckoo nestling

DUNA chalcedony

DUNCIHIYA see dunjihiyana

DUNDABUOBI caus. of dundambi

DUNDAMBI to feed pigs, to raise pigs

DUNDAN pig food

DUNEN a four-year-old ox

DUNG a cave

DUNG GUWA see dungga

DUNGGA watermelon

DUNGGA USE watermelon seed

DUNGGAMI of the same age

DUNGGU cave, grotto

DUNGKI tired, exhausted, weak in judgment

DUNGUN one hundred million

DUNJIHIYANA former, earlier

DUR DAR SEME shaking, trembling

DUR SEME the sound of many people talking or laughing, the sound of drums, with a commotion

DUR SEME INJEMBI to burst out laughing, to laugh uproariously

DURAHŪN staring, fixed (of the eyes)

DURAMBI to stare

DURANGGI muddy, murky, given to excessive drinking

DURANGGILAMBI to drink excessively

DURBE a dog with two spots on its forehead

DURBEJEN I. square, four-cornered 2. corner, angle

DURBEJEN DERE a square table at which eight people can sit

DURBEJEN SIOELEN a square pond at the Altar of Earth

DURBEJENGGE square, having corners

DURBEJENGGE SUFATU a square turban used in antiquity

DURBEJITU carpenter's square

DURBEMBI to shake, to tremble

DURDUN crepe


DURGEBUMBI caus./pass. of durgembi

DURGECEMBI to shake violently, to be convulsed

DURGEMBI to shake, to tremble

DURGEME AKJAMBI the thunder rolls

DURGEЉEMBI same as durgecembi

DURGIMBI to coo, to warble

DURGIRE DŪTU a person who, through deafness, makes silly or irrelevant remarks

DURGIYA the morning star

DURGIYA USIHA the same as preceding word

DURHA four short wooden teeth attached to a flail

DURHUN see durahūn

DURI a swinging cradle

DURI DE DEDUBUMBI to place a baby in a cradle

DURIBUMBI caus./pass. of durimbi

DURIBUHE EJEN a dispossessed owner

DURILEMBI to rock in a cradle

DURIMBI I. to seize, to rob 2. to sleep in a cradle

DURINDUMBI/DURINUMBI to seize together

DURSUKI similar, looking alike

DŪRSUKILEBUMBI caus. of dursukilembi

DURSŪKILEMBI to make alike, to use as a model, to copy

DURSULEBUKŪ an interpreter in ancient South China

DURSŪLEMBI I. same as dursukilembi 2. to resemble, to be like 3. to act in accordance with

DURSULEN I WECEN a sacrifice made during times of war

DURSUN likeness, form, shape, model, pattern, appearance

DURSŪNGGA having form, material

DURUGAN list, chart, register, diagram

DURUGAN FIЉEN genealogical register

DURUJUN one name for the stork; cf. weijun

DURULAMBI to provide a model

DURULEMBI to form, to model

DURUN I. form, shape, figure 2. model, mold 3. rule, norm

DŪRUN ARAMBI to pretend, to put on airs

DURUN HIYAN incense pressed into blocks

DŪRUN I EFEN molded cakes

DURUN I HIYAN cake of incense

DURUN I MATAN candies molded in various shapes

DURUN I YAHA charcoal bricks

DURUN KEMŪN rule, regulation, practice, custom

DURŪN MURU shape, form

DŪRUN SINDAMBI to pretend, to feign

DURUN TUWAKŪ model, example

DURUNGGA I. exemplary, model 2. having form, representational

DURUNGGA DOBTOLON an animal or devil mask worn over the head during certain games

DURUNGGA TETUN instrument--especially an astronomical instrument

DURŪNGGE exemplary

DURŪSGA MOO Indian palm (Corypha umbraculifera), a plant whose leaves were used for paper

DUSHUBUMBI caus. of dushumbi

DUSHUMBI I. to sling, to hurl 2. to emboss

DUSHUN dark in color, dull, slow-witted, muddled

DUSHUTEMBI to fling around

DUSIHI I. a two-piece man's skirt, a mail skirt 2. a front lapel

DUSIHILEBUMBI caus. of dusihilembi

DUSIHILEMBI to hold (as in a sack or pocket), to hold in an upturned garment

DUSIHIYEN I. unclear, misty, blurred 2. muddle-headed, stupid

DUSY captain; cf. danara hafan

DUTE on the inside, inner

DŪTE TALU a short cut

DUTE YALI meat adhering to skin

DUTELEMBI to go by a short cut

DUTELEME YABUMBI to go by a short cut

DUTHE I. the vertical wooden support of a window lattice 2. a fish with scales spotted with red

DUTHENGGE having a grate or lattice work

DUTU deaf, a deaf person

DUTUNG lieutenant general; cf. gūsai i ejen

DUTUREMBI to feign deafness

DUWALI category, kind, type, party, clique


DUWALIBUN a book arranged according to categories, an encyclopedia

DUWALINAMBI to categorize

DUWALINGGA of the same type or category

DUWAN I. satin 2. weeds 3. a pock still not broken out


DUWARA mayfish, sweetfish

DUWARGIYA see durgiya

DUWARGIYAN bright, brilliant


DUYEMBUMBI to attack an unprepared enemy, to make a surprise attack

DUYEN 1. cold, indifferent, distant (of people) 2. stubborn, restive (of horses)

DUYUN CECIKE one of the names of the goatsucker; cf. simari cecike

DZ viscount

DZAI SIYANG prime minister

DZAMBAG'A the champac tree (Michelia champaca)

DZANDAN sandalwood; cf. cakūran, dan mu

DZANDZ see dzanse

DZANSE a finger presser, a torture device used in interrogating women

DZANSELABUMBI caus. of dzanselambi

DZANSELAMBI to apply the finger presser

DZENGSE an orange

DZOGUWAN workshop foreman

DZOOLI petty attendant in a yamun, lictor

DZUN HŪWA MAJAN a long slender arrow

DZUNG BING GUWAN the commander of Chinese troops in a province

DZUNG GIYA superintendent of block wardens

DZUNG NI DUKA a religious sect

DZUNG SIKA palm fronds

DZUNG ZIN FU the Imperial Clan Court; cf. uksun be kadalara yamun

DZUNGDU governor general;cf. uheri kadalara amban

DZUNGSE glutinous rice filled with meat or sweet bean paste and wrapped in bamboo leaves

DZUЉI Buddhist patriarch

E I. yin, the female or negative principle 2. an exclamation used to call someone's attention, an exclamation of surprise or exasperation

E I BUKDAN the inside of a crease or fold

E JIJUN I ACANGGA an identification token cast in bronze with indented characters used to gain entrance to a city at night after the gates have been closed

EBCI 1. rib 2. framing timbers (of a ship) 3. (steep) side of a hill

EBCILEME along the (steep) side of a hill

EBDEREKŪ destroyer

EBDEREMBI to harm, to destroy, to ruin

EBDEREN destruction, havoc, harm

EDBEREN I DERIBUN a classical pitch corresponding in function to G sharp

EBEBE interjection of surprise

EBEBUMBI caus. of ebembi

EBECI see ebci

EBEGEI if only, oh that . . .

EBELE this side

EBEMBI (-ke) to become soaked through, to become soggy

EBENEMBI see ebeniyembi

EBENIYEBUMBI caus. of ebeniyembi

EBENIYEMBI to soak, to steep (tea)

EBEREGI see ebergi

EBEREHUN see eberhun

EBEREMBI (-ke) to diminish, to decrease, to decline, to subside

EBEREMBUMBI caus. of eberembi

EBERGI I. this side, this place 2. after

EBERHUKEN rather weak


EBERI weak, deficient, inadequate, inferior

EBERIKEN somewhat deficient

EBERINGGE not up to par, inferior

EBETUHUN hollow, empty

EBETUHUN HOLO empty, lacking substance, false

EBI HABI AKŪ not feeling well, without energy, listless, in bad humor

EBIBUMBI caus. of ebimbi

EBILUN a delicate, sickly child

EBIMBI to be full (after eating), to be sated

EBIЉEBUMBI caus. of ebiљembi

EBIЉEMBI to bathe, to swim


EBIЉENEMBI to go to bathe or swim

EBIЉENUMBI to bathe or swim together or in a group

EBSI hither, up till now, since

EBSI CASI AKŪ hither and yon, back and forth

EBЉI CASI DE back and forth, hesitant

EBSI FOROMBI to turn and face in this direction

EBSI JIO come here

EBSI OSO like this!

EBSIHE (postposition) exhausting, exerting, up to the last, to the extent of: mutere ebsihe 'to the best of one's ability'

EBSIHIYAN hither, up till now

EBSIKEN a little in this direction

EBSINGGE what has been up until now, existing until now, long-lasting

EBЉEMBI to hurry, to hasten, to be busy

EBЉU a newly hatched quail

EBTE a young hawk taken from the nest and raised at home

EBUBUMBI I. caus. of ebumbi I. to dismantle a tent, to unpack, to unload

EBUBURE BA I CIFUN a duty imposed at the place of unloading

EBUBURE CAMHARI a notice ordering riders to dismount at the gates of

the palace

EBUBUN I. stopover on a journey 2.provisions for traveling officials

EBUBUN I KUNGGERI office in charge of caring for emissaries to the court

EBUHU quick, urgent

EBUHU SABUHŪ in a rush, in a flurry, agitated

EBUMBI to dismount, to get off a vehicle, to stop (at an inn), to get down

EBUNDUMBI/EBUNUMBI to stop or stay (of a group), to get off (of a group)

EBUNEMBI to go to stop, to go to dismount

EBUNJIMBI I. to come to stop or stay, to come to dismount 2. to descend (of a deity)

EBURGI the confluence of two rivers

ECI surely, indeed, really

ECI AI of course, certainly

ECI AINARA what else is one to do? of course

ECIKE father's younger brother--uncle

ECIKESE plural of ecike

ECIMARI this morning

ECINE secretly, behind one's back

EDE dative/locative of ere, to this, here, then, and then, in this (matter)

EDE AIBI what difference does this make?

EDE AINAMBI what is one to do in this matter?

EDEDEI brrr--the sound of teeth chattering from cold

EDEKIRAKŪ an incorrigible person

EDELEMBI to be lacking, to be deficient, not to be enough, to owe a debt

EDELEHE NIMEKU deformity, disability

EDEMBI (-ke) to go bad (of food and milk)

EDEN I. lack, deficiency 2. lacking, deficient, blemished 3. a scrap of cloth

EDEN DADAN deficiency, lack, incomplete

EDEN DADUN see eden dadan

EDENG a sawfish (Pristis pectinatus)

EDERI this time, this way, by here

EDERI TEDERI here and there, this way and that

EDERI TEDERI BULCATAMBI to look for ways to avoid things

EDULEBUMBI caus. of edulembi

EDULEMBI I. to be paralyzed 2. to catch cold

EDULEHE NIMEKŪ cold, grippe, rheumatism

EDUMBI to blow (of the wind)

EDUN 1. wind 2. a cold

EDUN BIYAI BAITA sexual intercourse

EDUN DAMBI the wind blows

EDUN DASIHIKŪ the two largest pinions on birds of prey

EDUN DE ЉASIHALABUMBI to be toppled by the wind

EDUN DEKDEHE 1. a wind has arisen 2. has caught cold

EDUN FAITAKU a board nailed upright on a rafter

EDUN FAITAMBI to sail crosswind

EDUN FAITAME YABURE JAHŪDAI one type of large seagoing warship

EDUN FUR SEMBI the wind blows softly--said of the south wind in the summer

EDUN GOIMBI to catch cold

EDUN I TEMGETU a flag that shows the direction of the wind, wind pennant

EDUN NESUKEN OHO the wind has calmed

EDUN NESUKEN ЉUN GENGGIYEN I MUDAN a musical composition played at the banquet after the plowing ceremony

EDUN NIMEKŪ a cold, rheumatism

EDUN TUWAMBI to relieve oneself, to go to the toilet

EDUNGGE pertaining to the wind

EDUNGGE GASHA a type of sparrow hawk

EDUNGGE HIYEBELE a type of buzzard

EDUNGGE ЉUNGKERI ILHA wind orchid (Angraecum falcatum)

EDUNGGIYEBUMBI caus. of edunggiyembi


EFEBUMBI to lose one's sight, to blind

EFEHEN a large hand ax

EFEMBI to be blind

EFEN bread, pastry, cake, any sort of of breadlike product made from flour

EFEN BELHERE BA kitchen where pastries were prepared for the palace

EFIBUMBI caus. of efimbi

EFICEMBI to play together

EFIKU toy, game, fun

EFIKŪ INJEKŪ fun and laughing, a good time

EFIMBI to play, to enjoy oneself, to act

EFIRE HERE actress

EFIRE JAKA toy, plaything


EFIN game, play

EFISI buffoon, clown, jester

EFISI INJESI clowns and merrymakers

EFIYECEMBI see eficembi

EFIYEMBI see efimbi

EFIYEN see efin

EFU 1. the husband of one's elder

sister 2. wife's elder brother 3. the husband of wife's elder sister 4. the husband of an imperial princess

EFUJEBUMBI I. caus. of efujembi 2. to ruin, to destroy, to overthrow

EFUJEMBI I. to be ruined, to be spoiled, to be defeated 2. to be dismissed from a position

EFUJEN destruction, ruin, downfall

EFULEBUMBI caus. of efulembi

EFULEMBI I. to destroy, to ruin, to break 2. to remove from office, to dismiss

EFULEHE DABSUN denatured salt

EFULEN destruction, ruin

EFUTE plural of efu

EGULETU ALHA a horse with cloudlike markings

EHE bad, evil, inauspicious

EHE ACABUN bad omen, bad sign

EHE BA destiny, fate

EHE BOCO MENGGUN poor quality silver (containing impurities)

EHE GŪNIMBI to take something amiss

EHE HAFAN an evil official

EHE INENGGI an inauspicious day, a day on which there is bad weather


EHE SUKDUN miasma, evil vapors

EHE WA a bad smell, a stink

EHE WEILENGGE NIYALMA criminal charged with homicide

EHECUBUMBI caus./pass. of ehecumbi

EHECUMBI to slander, to defame, to accuse falsely

EHECUN slander, abuse

EHELINGGU bad, wicked, incompetent

EHELIYAN stupid, simple

EHELIYANGGŪ stupid, incompetent

EHEMBI see eherembi

EHEREBUMBI caus. of eherembi

EHEREMBI I. to become evil or fierce 2. to have a falling out with, to be on bad terms with someone

EHERENDUMBI I. to become evil (of a number of people) 2. to be on bad terms with each other

EHURHEN a lark with a yellow beak, black head, yellow eyes, red back, and spotted wings

EI I. an interjection for calling attention 2. an interjection of derision

EI EI I. the sound of crying 2. the sound of derisive laughter

EIBI HAIBI AKŪ see ebi habi akū

EICI I. or 2. perhaps

EICI . . . EICI . . . now . . .now . . , either . . . or . . .

EICIBE no matter, be it as it may, in any case

EIFU grave


EIFUN a boil, a pimple, a swelling

EIFUNEMBI to develop a boil or a swelling, to get goose flesh

EIGEN husband

EIGEN GAIMBI to take a husband, to get married

EIGETE plural of eigen

EIHEN donkey, ass


EIHEN CUSE brown silk

EIHERI I. brown 2. the name of a fabulous ratlike beast.

EIHUME the hard-shelled turtle

EIHUME USIHA the name of a star in the Milky Way

EIHUMENGGE FUKJINGGA HERGEN a style of calligraphy

EIHUMENGGE UЉIHA see eihume usiha

EIHUN stupid, foolish

EIHUTU the same as eihun

EIKTE a type of red sour fruit (Crataegus pinnatifida), a hawthorn

EIMEBUMBI pass. of eimembi

EIMEBURU you hateful thing!

EIMECUKE hateful, loathsome, repugnant

EIMECUN repugnance, antipathy

EIMEDE 1. repugnant (person) 2. smart, lovable (of children)

EIMEDEMBI to feel aversion or repugnance

EIMEDERE JAKA a repulsive thing

EIMEDESE plural of eimede

EIMEMBI (-ke, -re/ndere) to abhor, to detest, to find unpleasant

EIMEMBUMBI caus./pass. of eimembi

EIMEMBURU see eimeburu

EIMERCUKE abominable, detestable; cf.eimecuke

EIMERECUKE see eimercuke

EIMPE a type of edible wormwood; cf.empi

EITE halter, bridle

EITEN all (in attributive position), every

EITEN BAITA everything, every matter

EITEN JAKA everything, every object

EITEREBUMBI caus. of eiterembi

EITEREKŪ deception, fraud, deceptive, fraudulent

EITEREMBI I. to deceive, to defraud 2. to do thoroughly, to do repeatedly

EITERECI in general, for the most part, thoroughly

EITERECIBE in any case, all in all, on the whole

EITEREME thoroughly, generally, in any case

EITEREME YABUMBI to act deceitfully

EITERЉEMBI to cheat on the sly

EJE a castrated bovine, ox

EJEBUKŪ annalist, chronicler

EJEBUMBI caus. of ejembi

EJEBUN record, notes

EJEHE an imperial rescript, edict, decree

EJEHEN commentary, gloss, note

EJEKE industrious, assiduous, diligent

EJEKŪ I. secretary 2. Reader, BH I35, I96

EJEKŪ HAFAN Second Class Secretary of a Board, BH 292

EJEKŪ I TINGGIN Chancery of the Censorate, BH 2I1

EJELEBUMBI caus. of ejelembi

EJELEMBI to be master of, to rule, to occupy by force, to establish control over

EJELENDUMBI/EJELENUMBI to occupy together, to occupy (of a group)

EJELESI owner, possessor

EJELTU one having authority

EJEMBI to remember, to take account of, to record, to note down

EJEN ruler, lord, master, host, emperor

EJEN ILIMBI to be one's guide, to be leader, to be master

EJERGEN governance

EJESU having a good memory

EJETE plural of ejen

EJETUN record, description, gazetteer

EJETUN BITHEI KUREN office for the compilation of dynastic records

EJETUNGGE pertaining to records

EJIHE a food made from dried cream

EK SEMBI to be tired of, to be annoyed with

EK TAK SEME overbearingly, arrogantly

EK TAK SEME ESUKIYEMBI to reprove arrogantly

EKCIN I. bank (of a river) 2. an evil spirit

EKCIN JOLO ugly, hideous

EKCUMBI to slander someone behind his back

EKE I. a pause particle used when one cannot think of what to say next 2. you there!

EKE EKE SEMBI to stutter, to stammer

EKE YA who was it now?--said when one can't think of a person's name

EKEHE see eke

EKIDUN CECIKE another name for the crow tit; cf. kidun cecike

EKIMBI see ekiyembi

EKISAKA still, quiet, calm

EKIYEHUN I. too little, lacking 2. empty, unoccupied

EKIYEMBI I. to diminish, to be deficient, to be too little, to be lacking 2. to be vacant, to be unoccupied 3. to go away (a boil or swelling) 4. to subside (floodwaters)

EKIYEMBUMBI caus. of ekiyembi

EKIYEMBURE DALANGGA a dam used to regulate the flow of water in a river

EKIYEN lacking, decrease, vacancy

EKIYENDEMBI see ekiyembi

EKIYENDERE GUCU a false friend, a dangerous friend


EKIYENIYEBUMBI caus. of ekiyeniyembi

EKIYENIYEMBI to lessen, to diminish


EKЉEMBI to hurry, to hasten

EKЉEME SAKSIME rushing, hurrying, in a rush

EKЉENDUMBI/EKЉENUMBI to hurry (of a group)

EKЉUN I. bothersome, troublesome (of a person) 2. the dregs of yellow rice wine

EKTEMBI to stamp the front hoof on the ground, to paw the ground

EKTERЉEMBI to distinguish oneself, to excel

ELBEBUMBI caus. of elbembi

ELBEFEMBI to talk carelessly, not giving sufficient heed to what one is saying

ELBEKŪ a cover, a shelter put up as a protection against the sun

ELBEMBI I. to cover 2. to thatch

ELBEN covering, thatch

ELBEN FEMBI to cut thatch with a sickle; cf. elbefembi

ELBEN GŪWARA a type of owl

ELBEN I BOO a thatched house, a humble cottage

ELBEN I JEOFI a thatched hut with a round roof

ELBENFEMBI to speak nonsense

ELBESU a person rash in speech and actions

ELBETU I. coarse (of workmanship) 2. a sacrificial hat worn during the Shang dynasty

ELBIBUMBI caus. of elbimbi

ELBIHE raccoon-dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

ELBIHENGGE pertaining to the raccoondog

ELBIMBI to summon, to call together, to invite, to win over to one's own side

ELBINDUMBI/ELBINUMBI to bring over to one's own side (of a group)

ELBINEMBI to go to summon

ELBISEBUMBI caus. of elbiљembi

ELBIЉEMBI to bathe in a river

ELBIЉENEMBI to go to take a bath in a


ELBIЉENUMBI to bathe together in a river

ELCIN emissary, messenger

ELCIN CECIKE one of the names of the mejin cecike

ELDEDEI one name for the lark; cf. wenderhen

ELDEMBI (-ke, -pi) I. to shine, to glow 2. to shine forth, to be wellknown

ELDEMBUMBI I. caus. of eldembi 2. to glorify, to extol

ELDEMBUME ENGGELENEMBI to go to, to visit (honorific)

ELDEN light, glory, resplendence

ELDENEMBI to go to shine, to shine there

ELDENGGE shining, glowing, resplendent, glorious

ELDENGGE AMBALINGGŪ glorious and grand

ELDENGGE SARACAN USIHA the name of a constellation

ELDENGGE WEHE a (funerary) inscription, stele

ELDENJIMBI to come to shine, to grace a place with one's presence

ELDERHEN one name for the lark; cf.wenderhen

ELDERI USIHA the seventh star of the Great Dipper

ELDEЉEMBI to shine incessantly

ELE I. (used after a participle) all 2. still more, especially

ELE . . . ELE . . . the more . . . the more . . .

ELE ELEI I. still more, to an even greater degree 2. continuous

ELE MILA free and easy, casual, at ease

ELEBUMBI caus. of elembi

ELECŪN satisfied, content, pleased

ELECUN AKŪ unsatisfied, covetous

ELEHUDEMBI to be satisfied, to be content

ELEHUN content, generous, satisfied with one's lot, tolerant, content in adversity

ELEHUN SULA free and easy, unrestrained, content

ELEI I. still more, more 2. almost

ELEI ELEI still more, much more, more and more

ELEI ELEKEI almost, hardly

ELEKEI almost, hardly

ELEMANGGA I. on the other hand, on the contrary, in spite of that 2. still more, especially

ELEMBI to suffice, to be enough

ELEMIMBI to tow (a boat)

ELEN I. sufficiency 2. a goal

ELEN DE sufficiently

ELEN DE ISIMBI to reach a sufficient level, to be enough

ELEN DE ISINAMBI to reach a goal

ELEN OMBI to be sufficient

ELEN TELEN AKU matched in strength, evenly matched

ELENGGE everything

ELENGGI slovenly, lazy (of women)

ELEREMBI (-ke) I. to bare the chest 2. to become exhausted from running, to be out of breath

ELERI I. sufficient, self-satisfied 2. disorderly (of clothing)

ELETELE until (it is) enough, in sufficient quantity

ELETELE BUMBI to give in sufficient quantity

ELGEBUMBI caus. of elgembi

ELGEMBI to lead an animal by the reins

ELGIN see elgiyen

ELGIYEKEN somewhat rich, somewhat prosperous

ELGIYEN prosperous, rich, plentiful, abundant

ELGIYEN ANIYA a good year (of a harvest)


ELGIYEN ICE CALU a granary in the city of Peking

ELGIYEN JALUNGGA CALU a granary located in Chihli

ELGIYEN TESUHE NAMUN a silver depository in Shansi

ELGIYEN TUMIN rich and abundant

ELGIYEN TUMIN CALU a granary just outside Peking

ELGIYEN TUSANGGA CALU a granary by An-ho bridge

ELGIYENGGE richly endowed, lavish

ELHE I. peace, calm, well-being 2. peaceful, well, healthy, easy, slow

ELHE AKŪ not well, not feeling well

ELHE ALHAI slowly, easily, calmly, easygoing

ELHE BE BAIMBI to ask after a person's health

ELHE BE FONJIOBI to inquire after a person's health

ELHE NUHAN at ease, not rushed, casual

ELMTE SAIN well, in good health

ELHE TAIFIN I. peace 2. the K'anghsi reign period, I662--I72I

ELHEBUMBI to calm, to let rest

ELHEBURE HIYAN MOO the tree Styrax benzoin from which gum benzoin is obtained

ELHEKEN rather well, gentle, rather slow

ELHEKŪ contraction of elhe akū

ELHENGGE peaceful, pacific

ELHEO how are you?

ELHERHEN one name for the lark; cf.wenderhen

ELHEЉEBUMBI caus. of elheљembi

ELHEЉEMBI to take it easy, to act leisurely, to slow down, to slacken

ELI one-thousandth of a Chinese foot

ELIN storeroom under the roof, loft

ELINTU a large black ape (Cynopithecus)

ELINTUMBI to observe from afar

ELIOI the six lower pipes of the ancient Chinese music scale

ELJE jawbone of a whale

ELJE BERI a bow made from the jawbone of a whale

ELJEMBI to oppose, to resist, to defy

ELJENDUMBI/ELJENUMBI to oppose one another

ELJENJIMBI to come to oppose

ELKIBUMBI caus. of elkimbi

ELKIMBI I. to summon by waving the hand, to signal to, to greet 2. to brandish a sword in preparation for entering combat

ELKINDUMBI/ELKINUMBI I. to wave (of a group) 2. to brandish (of a group)

ELMIN an unbroken horse

ELMIYEN see elmin

ELU onion, scallion

ELURI prodigy, prodigious

EMBICI I. or 2. perhaps 3. in the first place

EMDE together

EMDUBEI continually, persistently, steadily, frequently, earnestly, keep on . . .

EME mother

EMEKE husband's mother--mother-in-law

EMEKEI how frightful!

EMEMBIHEDE sometimes, now and then, at times

EMEMU some

EMEMU ERINDE sometimes

EMEND FONDE sometimes, at certain times
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